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A Trip to the Trump Rally (Live from South Carolina)

For the first time, Justin experiences the Trump Rally from the crowd. No longer protected in his precious little press pen... this J-School brat mixes with the MAGA faithful.

Hear from Marjorie Taylor Greene, Byron Donalds and Donald Trump.

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  • Which demographic won every presidential election since 2000 (with Evan Scrimshaw)

    Justin and Evan Scrimshaw ( focuses on the impact of demographics on American presidential elections. It explores the demographic shifts and coalitional realignments that have occurred since the 2000 election.
  • Trump's Martyr Strategy. NPR bias. Speaker Johnson out? Religion and politics (with Corey Nathan)

    Justin Robert Young discusses Donald Trump's professional victimization and its potential impact on the upcoming election. He also interviews Corey Nathan about the intersection of politics and religion. The episode also touches on other political news, such as the FISA bill and controversies surrounding NPR's alleged liberal bias. Chapters00:00 Intro00:21 Donald Trump's Martyr Strategy08:34 Update on congress, NPR and Live Nation23:10 Interview with Corey Nathan58:28 Outro
  • Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson Explains Politics and Culture (with Kevin Ryan)

    Justin Robert Young and Kevin Ryan discuss the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight and its political and cultural implications. The conversation explores the use of scandal and spectacle in politics and entertainment. It discusses how politicians and public figures strategically pick fights and create controversy to gain attention and control the narrative. The conversation also touches on the role of social media and online communities in amplifying conflicts and turning them into rivalries. It draws parallels between the tactics used in combat sports and politics, highlighting the art of creating hype and generating interest. The conversation concludes by examining the dynamics of online communities and how they can shift from celebrating a shared interest to becoming divided and contentious.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Welcome08:19 The Spectacle of Professional Wrestling15:41 Interconnection of Sports, Politics, and Culture38:00 Exploring the Themes of Rivalry, Spectacle, and Universality in Combat Sports and Westerns45:09 The Role of Online Communities and Moderators in Rivalries and Power Struggles
  • Trump Abortion Policy Abandons Pro Life? FISA, TikTok and more Congress Chaos (with Matt Laslo)

    Trump reveals abortion position: it's a state's rights issue. We assess the field of play for abortion in 2024.Matt Laslo (Raw Story) joins us to talk rumors in the halls of congress on Speaker Johnson's possible ouster, FISA 702, the Mayorkas Impeachment and the TikTok bill.00:00 Introduction and Eclipse Experience05:43 Trump Targets Moderates at expense of Pro-Life Voters13:07 Impact of Trigger Laws and Women's Health Issues14:45 Update: Mayorkas, Student Loan Relief, FISA23:09 Matt Laslo Interview
  • No Labels No Show is OFFICIAL! When to not correct people on the internet. (with Sasha Issenberg)

    Justin Robert Young interviews Sasha Eisenberg, author of 'The Lie Detectives,' about the impact of the internet and disinformation on modern elections. They discuss the evolution of political campaigns, the rise of social media, and the challenges of navigating misinformation and disinformation. They also touch on the 2024 presidential election and the potential influence of third-party candidates. The conversation highlights the need for campaigns to adapt to the decentralized media landscape and the importance of addressing internal party dissent. 00:00 Introduction and the Importance of Primaries02:16 Challenges in Consolidating Party Support03:46 Addressing Internal Party Dissent11:05 No Labels and Third Party Candidates13:35 The Ongoing Conflict in Gaza56:47 Conclusion and Sasha Eisenberg's Expertise
  • Will Florida turn blue after abortion ruling? Biden flirts with Nikki Haley voters. (with Michael Cohen)

    Will the recent abortion rulings in Florida create a Blue Wave in the Sunshine State? Michael Cohen joins the show to discuss the potential coalitional opportunity for Biden '24 and the role of Never Trump voters. Also, the possibility of Nikki Haley becoming a key figure in the race and the challenges faced by third-party candidates. 00:00 Did the new abortion ruling in Florida turn it blue?11:30 The accidental death in Gaza and international criticism15:24 Mitch McConnell's retirement plans17:35 Ruben Gallego's fundraising success53:30 Support the show on Patreon and donate57:19 Upcoming conversation about misinformation and disinformation in politics
  • The progressive secret that could win Joe Biden the election (with Anat Shenker-Osorio

    Why is Joe Biden brining up COVID?Progressive campaign strategist Anat Shenker-Osorio discusses the issues that animate progressive voters in the 2024 election. She explains that while economic issues are important, what actually mobilizes people to vote is a feeling of needing to protect their freedoms and being part of the anti-MAGA majority.00:00 Introduction01:46 Joe Biden's Strategy: Highlighting Trump's Mishandling of COVID-1903:40 Biden's Economy and Trust Issues04:55 The Risk of Using COVID-19 as a Political Issue07:46 Highlighting Trump's Handling of COVID-19 to Showcase Biden's Competence08:38 The Challenges of Revisiting the COVID-19 Pandemic10:00 The Complexity of Crafting a Coherent Narrative10:48 The Risk and Potential of Using COVID-19 as a Political Issue11:57 The Challenge of Explaining Trump's Actions During COVID-1913:49 RFK Jr.'s Running Mate: Nicole Shanahan19:04 NBC's Handling of Ronna McDaniel's Termination22:26 Marilyn Lans' Victory in Alabama State House District 1023:32 Interview with Anat Shenker-Osario101:33 Conclusion
  • The Optimist Case for Joe Biden. The Death of Small Dollar Donations (with Dave Levinthal)

    The optimists case for Joe Biden. Poll numbers are going up! Bad news can't last forever? Can it?Justin and Dave Leventhal discuss the fundraising numbers of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. They highlight that while Biden's numbers are good, it is still early in the election cycle and things can change. They also discuss the abnormal setup of Donald Trump's joint fundraising committee and how it allows him to use campaign funds for personal use. It was noted that small dollar donations are not coming in as fast or at the same dollar amount as they once did. This could be a sign that peak small dollar donations have passed or it could be an aberration due to various reasons.Also: the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, the Joe Biden impeachment reaching an endgame and more.00:00 Introduction01:09 Optimistic Biden Case for November05:47 Foreign Policy: Israel and Ukraine09:07 Border Issue10:47 Incumbents Win12:56 Bridge Collapse in Baltimore15:27 Biden Impeachment Inquiry51:46 Conclusion
  • Why is human trafficking more profitable than drug smuggling at the border? (with Chris Clem)

    In this episode, Justin Robert Young discusses the Republican Senate candidates' performance compared to Donald Trump in key states. He also interviews retired Border Patrol Sector Chief Chris Clem about the issue of human trafficking and the impact of Biden's policies on border security. The conversation highlights the media literacy of smuggling organizations and the challenges faced by border patrol agents. The episode also covers other topics such as government funding, the legal battle between Apple and the DOJ, and the bipartisan nature of the immigration issue.Chapters00:00 Intro2:27 GOP Senate Candidates running behind Trump in swing states10:10 Update21:46 Chris Clem57:21 Social Media and Contact Information01:00:18 Preview of Next Week's Episode01:00:36 Closing Statement