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Conversations with the architects, visionaries, and innovators driving the NFT Revolution. Hosted by J.T. Fales, aka @Niftyist.

Episode 1: Metageist (Extended Version)

Season 1, Ep. 1
The Niftyist Podcast kicks off with a wide-ranging interview with Metageist, a visionary artist and innovator who uses NFTs to blend the media of VR, AR, sculpture, and illustration.In this full cut of the interview, our conversation covers:The origins of the Metageist name and logo (Extended exclusive);The dramatic heist of his Basilisk from an art gallery during Dreamverse; His Metaphyla series, a project tracing the evolution of VR creatures alongside the growth of the Metaverse; The Cyclops, a project delivers collectors exclusive access to curated art experiences through a bridge between NFTs and unique physical sculptures; How NFTs enabled Lee to make a career out of being a VR artist in a way that simply wasn't possible before; How Lee creates art from within the metaverse (Extended exclusive); How Lee expects AI programs to disrupt industries from art to journalism and video games (Extended exclusive); What Lee understands as the metaverse, and how we can expect it to evolve (Extended exclusive);Plus, we play a lightning round game called "Tired or Inspired?"This podcast contains a special surprise for early listeners in the second half of the show. πŸ‘€To celebrate the launch of the show, I am making this extended version available to everyone for free. In return I only ask that you rate and review the podcast, or share it with a friend. Thank you so much!Editing by J.T. Fales and Andrew Eder. Music by J.T..Metageist on Twitter: @MetageistVRMetageist on Instagram: @Metageist_Niftyist on Tiktok: @NiftyistNiftyist on Twitter: @NiftyistNiftyist on Instagram: @Niftyist