The Tipsy Exchange


Enter the Sandman: Thoughts from a Couple of Newbies

Season 1, Ep. 20

Berly and LA discuss Neil Gaiman's The Sandman as well as it's new audio book and Netflix adaptations.
The Sandman (comic book)
The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, Dirk Maggs | Audiobook
The Sandman: Act II by Neil Gaiman, Dirk Maggs | Audiobook
'The Sandman': Landmark Comic Series Gets A Rigidly Faithful Audio Drama Adaptation
The Sandman | Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek | Netflix
Everyone who's been cast in The Sandman and who they're playing
Netflix's 'The Sandman': Filming Wrapped Up & What We Know So Far
Neil Gaiman talks 'Sandman' Audible adaptation, how it differs from upcoming Netflix show
Everything You Need to Know to Get Into 'The Sandman', One of the Best Comics Ever

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Every other week, Berly and LA research a topic in which they wish to know more. Then, they exchange ideas over drinks. Sci-fi? True crime? Unexplained phenomena? Anything goes on the exchange. Now, let's get tipsy!
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