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  • DT Monthly - May 2024

    Hey guys. Great new episode about friendship and being nice and cool
  • DT Monthly - April 2024

    Hey whats up? Are you ready to have some fun?! BECAUSE THIS EPISODE IS VERY MUCH OF FUN! Please listen and enjoy. Thanks
  • Mike Calls Timmy 25

    Hey gang. Come join Michael and Timothy as they sit down to catch up and talk crap. You will be enjoying this episode if you in fact like to enjoy fun and goofing off. Hope you have a great month of April!
  • DT Monthly - March 2024

    Hey gang. Check out this super fun March edition of the podcast. There are so many damn goofs and gags on this episode it will make your fool head spin. Hope you're having a great day. Love you!
  • Mike Calls Timmy 24

    Hey gang! Fun new episode of Mike Calls Timmy is here for you to listen to and laugh gigantically and also to do things that are fun and cool. Love you!