Monster Manual Mash

  • 55. 55 - Giant

    Roulette table of mortal outcomes, man-sized Tamagachi, and the horror of gettin' grabbed.
  • 54. 54 - Ghoul

    Reverse Buddhism, pale Halloween men, and desperate prion fedoras.
  • 53. 53 - Ghost

    A gentler ghost interferer, business finishers, and why ghosts are the saddest undead.
  • 52. 52 - Genie

    A tiny head to worship, pan-desertism, and being careful what you wish for.
  • 51. 51 - Gargoyle

    Fast-food clown generators, selective cruelty, and the most elemental Elemental. Featuring an interview with Jeff LaSala, writer of The Ecology of the Gargoyle for Dragon magazine #423. Jeff LaSala lived in Germany for only one year, long ago, and really needs to go back if only to see some more castles and pick up an untranslated copy of Die unendliche Geschichte. He is responsible for The Silmarillion Primer, the more recent and much shorter Second Age Primer, the Deep Delvings series, and a few other assorted articles on this site. Tolkien nerdom aside, Jeff wrote a Scribe Award–nominated D&D novel, produced some cyberpunk stories, and works in production for Macmillan and the Tor Publishing Group. He is sometimes on Twitter.
  • 50. 50 - Galeb Duhr

    Blue collar philosophers, the fragility of fantasy-germ-theory, and how to spend a thousand years in the cosmic turkey.
  • 49. 49 - Fungi

    Positive manifestations of decay, dream math, and a sudden impression of Mark Walberg.
  • 48. 48 - Fomorian

    Joe Rogan’s reptilian pineal gland, Chris begs for Old Irish lessons, and how to help a baby hold their spear.
  • 47. 47 - FLUMPH

    Dungeon Pandas, religious impersonators, and the monster who fell and can't get up.