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World Cup Day Two. Saudi Shock Argentina and Mexicans Takeover Everywhere - Beesotted in Qatar

Day two of the Qatar world cup sa2 Saudi Arabi play Argentina, Denmark play Tunisia , Mexico play Poland and Australia take on France

And there had to be one upset this round and we witnessed it today as Saudio Arabia can from behind to beat Argentina

Billy Grant spoke to fans all over the gaff to find out more about their fan culture and Mexican fans told us why Argentina aren’t on their Christmas card list

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The Brentford Revolution Edition

Ep. 914
Brentford Football Club’s rise to the Premier League has without doubt transformed the stature of the West London club – from the bottom to the top tier of English football in little over a decade – with owner Matthew Benham ripping up the traditional football rule books along the way. Scorned for daring to do things differently, The Bees’ steady rise has made the footballing world eventually sit up, take note, then try and replicate their cutting edge blend of statistical analysis, a left-field recruitment strategy, a perfectly executed business rebrand and new stadium model… not to mention a strictly enforced ‘no dickhead’ policy. This hard-back talks to the players, head coaches, directors of football and the owner, who have made Brentford’s rise possible – all of whom share their unique experiences and the vital decisions that were made en route to the top. We also feature the experiences of Bees supporters who have shared in the journey and how they had to learn along the way. The Brentford Revolution is an essential read for anyone keen to discover just how little old Brentford became one of the most talked about clubs in football.The book's authors, Dave Lane and Tim street, are joined by Jon Restall to discuss the Brentford rise over the past decade, how the book was put together and some of the personal highlights that are contained within the pages.The Brentford Revolution is available now from or from the Brentford FC Club shop and Amazon.