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The Sara Jane Harvey Interview

Season 2023

The Sara Jane Harvey interview @agonyautie She/Her.

Chatting on her return to activism, advocacy and public speaking. We go through her neurodivergent story, the story of how she found out she was autistic and her son got diagnosed as being autistic too. You can here her art for telling a personal story, a story of experience of listening and learning to others and the motives of driving things forward with the community of neurodivergent and disabled people and making a society that works for us. She speaks of a hope of humane compassion and empathy and passionate about bringing actions and solutions in the face of community suffering and trauma.

This podcast features content that may reference suicidal ideation, mental health trauma, depression and the institutionalisation of autistic people and general themes of ableism. She over the two episodes tells an emotive and moving story. If at times what you hear is triggering for yourself skip bits, take a break come back to it. I want to focus on the listener and guests self care and wellbeing same for the guests with inclusion and accessibility. If there are things could be doing to warn or consider the wellbeing of listener when references to challenging themes email or or on social media @neurorainbowproject.

The full video of this interview will be made watchable to subscribers only to the brand new patreon channel launching officially this January 2023 with interviews with Victoria Ellen and past and future guest videos with subtitled content (transcripts soon will be accessible to all without needing a subscription. Livestreams and other interactive experiences will be offered as with diaries and written journalism resources on social and communal issues I’m passionate and will tie in with the project.

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