Autisticly Aar’s NeuroCast


The Natalie Balmain Interview

Season 2023

Natalie Balmain She/Her.

Winner and contestant of Channel 4's political reality show Make Me Prime Minister where over six episodes a select few of Britain's want to be prime minister's see whether they can make it to downing street, albeit a prop set for television only, close enough. In an age where politics defined by permacrisis and is in unsteady times. Westminister seems far from the rest of the country where as Natalie the alternative prime minister makes her case for an alternative. A mixed race northern woman who is aromantic, has ADHD, type 1 diabetes and believes in a progressive and empathetic approach telling her neurodivergent story, her challenges, struggles, ideas, ambition. She shares a story quite frankly of one where she had at times imposter syndrome, a word that until recently Tony Blair only found the meaning of. Shares a frank and honest glimpse of her life, the need for neurodivergent and those from all walks of life in power and politics and what she would do for change for neurodivergent people in the world.

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