I am iServalan (Sarnia de la Maré FRSA) artist and musician at the Tale Teller Club.

You can read and listen to our musical at this link

You can listen and buy my music on Pond5, get your special iServalan discounts with this link.

I have created an AI orchestra and we make art and music every day and written a book called Immersion which you can listen to here on my special podcast, a virtual storybook.

The Tale Teller Club was created with funding from the Future’s Venture Foundation in 2020. The TTC is an electroacoustic orchestra with a futuristic edge fusing jazz, classical, and contemporary stylistic elements to create cerebral dance music or CDM as well as music therapy recordings and film soundtracks.

Free loops and ringtones by Tale Teller Club and Beats Ministry are available on the back catalogue.

Wav versions as downloads are only available on my Pond 5 Platform.

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