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  • Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

    It’s our first in-person episode!It’s Friday and Erica + Kristin recap this week’s Alberta election results and what they mean going forward for the NDP. Subscribe to Bad + Bitchy for about the price of a grande Starbucks latte.Follow us on InstagramEmail us

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  • Bad + Bitchy Briefing: Indigenous Alberta

    Michelle Robinson from her podcast, Native Calgarian, joins Erica for a crossover episode taking an Indigenous perspective of the Alberta election. Subscribe to Bad + Bitchy for about the price of a grande Starbucks latte.Follow us on InstagramEmail us
  • Let A Bitch Breathe

    Weeeee’re back!Welcome to an upgraded Bad + Bitchy where we’ve invested in the sound and design of your favourite intersectional/anti-oppression political podcast. We talk politics, policy and pop culture from an intersectional lens. We welcome back our co-host, Kristin Raworth, and our producer, Sam Brooks and thank them for helping this pod with our glow up, especially on Instagram. Follow us on IG: @badandbitchypod and on Twitter: @badandbitchyWe also thank you for your feedback and encourage you to keep hitting us up. Email us.This week, Erica + Kristin give you a preview of the Alberta election and break down the leaders' debate between Daniel Smith and Rachel Notley. They also talk about that Succession election episode (season 4, episode 8).
  • Bad + Bitchy Briefing: Global Migration via Roxham Road

    Harsha Walia, author of Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism, joins Erica to talk about the closure of Roxham Road, The Third Safe Country Agreement (TSCA), how they relate to global migration patterns and what is fuelling these patterns. Erica’s article on the the acting director of the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Jamaican migrant workers in Ontario pen open letter likening conditions to 'systematic slavery'Email us:
  • Bad + Bitchy Briefing: Gaming

    In our new Bad + Bitchy Briefing series, Erica and a guest take a deep dive into the most pressing issues of the times, providing intersectional analysis along the way. This week we are joined by Cherie Wong, executive director of Alliance Canada Hong Kong and gamer extraordinaire, who talks about how boys are being radicalized through gaming, how it connects to targeted online harassment campaigns and how it became an integral part of the gaming-to-white supremacy pipeline.Email us:
  • MOTW: The Weeknd

    And we'll tell you why.Email us:
  • MOTW: The Great Emasculation Theory

    This week's Misogynist of the Week (MOTW) is the Great Emasculation Theory featuring Rihanna and A$AP Rocky.