Surviving Empathy


BONUS! The Right Amount of Trust, Belief in Yourself, Being Strong, Focused, & Vigilant in Wacky Times

Season 3, Ep. 28

On this fun Friday vibes bonus episode, I just wanted to relay my wacky experiences with Google and some other companies I've been dealing with lately, and the lesson I learned from it, and how and when it's time to close up shop on your trust and respect for people & systems, and how to find your sense of independence, value, and worth in times all trying to exploit and take advantage of us. How to keep yourself free of gaslighters and their bad energy when people are trying to sell you on their verson of reality when you know they're just wrong, and you know you have the moral high ground.

Hey everyone! We miss you guys and we'll be back fairly shortly, so don't you dare go forgetting about us! We haven't forgotten about you! We'll be in season 4 in September you guys! Maybe sooner if I finish my work in time! As usual we're going heavy into cryptids and the paranormal next season, as well as our empath and mental health work and analysis, and of course, we'll talk pop culture with #spookylife and #nerdlife! See you then! We still need help with tips and small dollar donations! But check this out, we just celebrated our biggest week last week in terms of growth and our numbers! So, we ARE getting there! Thank you so very much for listening! In the meantime, help us to top the podcast charts so we can find sponsors, grow the show and the brand, and become a daily resource for you guys and gals! We're so close I can almost taste it! All good things come to those who put in the work, are patient, and who come energetically correct, and we're trying to do that for and with you all. Thank s so much for all of your friendship, support and help!

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How to Know Whether You're Really an Empath or Not, Empath Vulnerable Narcissism, Making Life Work for Your Sensitive Heart

Season 4, Ep. 18
On this monologue episode, I talk about how to figure out if you're an empath or not, but more than that, if you are an empath, how to bring about the best in your hypersensitivity and the best out in yourself so that you achieve and live the kind of life you want and deserve! I've got a few articles to guide me through, from empath talk, to maximizing an empath's natural emotional intelligence, to finding the bold determination to get up and over what holds us back to achieve a life of adventure, fun, and satisfaction. Please enjoy! If you can please help us, I'd so appreciate it. Sorry to be a broken record here, but we need help until we're sponsored. In the meantime, I make virtually nothing, and we want to believe that our audience, friends, and empath tribe cares enough to help us out a little until this ascends to the next level of awesomeness! But we can't do it without you. As little as a couple of bucks per month makes such a huge difference, and all monies go back into the podcast and brand. Just follow the links below. Thanks, you guys, we're dying here and need folks to please step up if you care enough to help out. We care so much, but we can't do this for free forever unfortunately (although we do anyway!). We appreciate anything you can do to help, from sharing to pitching in, nothing goes unnoticed by us! Thanks in advance.-Bry Empathy Podcast | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree