Doctors for the Environment Australia Podcast


Net Zero Emissions for Australia’s healthcare sector with Dr. Eugenie Kayak

Season 1, Ep. 8

Towards net zero emissions in healthcare

The changing climate is exposing our patients and communities to more frequent and intense extreme weather. 

Health professionals are increasingly treating climate-related illnesses, and healthcare services are vulnerable to a range of risks, including an increase in patient demand and threats to infrastructure, workforce and supply chains.

Yet the healthcare sector itself is a significant contributor to climate change through its own carbon footprint, which is estimated to be 7% of Australia's total carbon emissions.

DEA is calling on the healthcare sector to achieve:

– An interim emission reduction target of 80% by 2030.

– Net zero emissions by 2040.

A new report charts this course: “Net zero carbon emissions: responsibilities, pathways and opportunities for Australia's healthcare sector”

Click here to access the Net Zero Carbon Emissions Report.

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