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130: Financial Freedom After Divorce: Practical Steps to Rebuild & Thrive

Ep. 130

Welcome back to Your Divorce Planner and get ready for some serious financial empowerment, folks! This time, we’ll be chatting with the amazing Leah Hadley. Leah is a financial guru and who knows all about how to rebuild and thrive financially after divorce. She's got some seriously practical steps to share, based on both her personal and professional experiences. 

In this important and insightful episode, you'll learn how to deal with the emotional side of getting a divorce and how to make financial decisions that fit with your new situation.

Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:

  • Removing emotion from financial planning during a divorce and being realistic about one's future desires.
  • The function of a financial coach or mentor in helping clients negotiate the emotional side of divorce and make informed decisions.
  • Taking advantage of free workshops to increase financial literacy.
  • The importance of liquidity and having access to cash after divorce.

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  • 173. The Surprising Potential of Divorce: How It Can Save and Transform Relationships

    Elisa Fucci is a renowned motivational speaker, Podcast host of The Elisa Fucci Show, and an internationally acclaimed best-selling author. She is also a skilled relationship life coach and a certified BreathWork Detox facilitator. Elisa specializes in empowering women to break free from recurring painful relationship patterns, facilitating heart healing, and teaching effective communication skills. Additionally, she offers practical strategies to rebuild connection and nurture relationship resilience.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:The unexpected positive outcomes that can arise from divorce, particularly for those bound by strict cultural or religious expectations.Valuing self-care, balancing parenthood and career, and the empowerment that comes from prioritizing one's well-being.Trusting one's instincts in forming new relationships and the power of support systems.The Pygmalion effect, which illustrates how our expectations can shape our interactions with others.The profound change that can happen when one takes ownership of their emotions and actions.Connect with Elisa with Heidi Bee, Divorce Comeback CoachWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach TikTok: @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: Apple PodcastSpotifyAmazonGoogleAndroid
  • 172. Surviving "Peter Pan & Wendy" Syndrome

    Lauren is a licensed mental health therapist in the state of Virginia. I have been practicing in a variety of settings since 2017 to include public schools, acute inpatient hospitals, and outpatient. I am passionate about implementing these experiences to include expressive arts and storytelling as a form of healing. This year I experienced a major heartbreak from a man I who I thought was the love of my life. While I had to begin my spiritual/healing journey and the re-discovering of myself after this event, I had some professional as well as personal revelations which has motivated me to tell this story to help others. I discovered a concept that was first coined in the 1980s by Dr. Dan Kiley called Peter Pan and Wendy’s Syndrome. While these aren’t official terms and diagnoses in the DSM-V, I couldn’t help but find that these pop culture psychology terms are very relevant in today’s society.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:The phenomenon of “Peter Pan Syndrome” in relationships and its impact on the dynamics between partners.Personal experiences of being in a relationship with someone exhibiting “Peter Pan Syndrome.”The struggle with commitment and the desire to be chosen in relationships influenced by societal and cultural narratives.The challenges of supporting a partner’s interests while maintaining mutual respect and growth.The stereotype of “Wendy” as a controlling figure and the need to balance fun with responsibility.The journey of self love, including the empowerment of enjoying one’s own company and the risks of codependency.The concept of “no contact” as a healing tool from narcissistic or emotionally immature relationships, including the complexities of forgiveness.The importance of setting boundaries for self care, avoiding overextending oneself and reconnecting with personal interests post breakup.Connect with Lauren:Website: Instagram: lauren_wickywickyConnect with Heidi BeeWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach TikTok: @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: Apple PodcastSpotifyAmazonGoogleAndroid
  • 171. Unlocking Wealth for You & Your Kids After Divorce

    Eileen Joy is The Money Coach for Moms, the host of the Moms who Money podcast, and founder of Money School for Moms™. She makes money easy for moms in order to create wealth, fill their bank accounts, be debt free, while still having fun, stop living paycheck to paycheck, and teach their kids how to have a healthy money mindset and then set them up for life! Her 11-year-old son knows more about money than most adults. Eileen created an easy system that any busy mom can follow and specializes in working with high achieving, professional moms who are committed to investing in themselves and their children and know that money is their next step. Eileen has created a safe and comfortable environment to learn about one of the most avoided and taboo subjects, money. No more Shame, Guilt, or embarrassment.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:Introduction to the financial struggles post divorceThe emotional aspect of financial management for divorced momsUnderstanding and changing your money storyCommunication about finances with partners and childrenFinancial literacy for childrenMAVY formula for financial empowerment (Mindset, Awareness, Values and Y)Strategies for saving and budgetingThe benefits of automating savingsEmpowerment and living a limitless lifePractical steps for immediate financial actionConnect with Eileen:Website: Instagram: offerGet Your Free Guide: 5 Steps to save $1K this month: with Heidi Bee, Divorce Comeback CoachWebsite: Instagram: @divorcecomebackcoach  
  • 170. Exit Expectations & Enjoy Life More

    Struggling with the burden of personal expectations? Tune in to Heidi Bee’s podcast today, where she’ll navigate you through the journey of releasing yourself from the shackles of perfection and self imposed demands. Delve into mastering the skill of transforming expectations to unearth happiness and foster self development. Gain insights as Heidi imparts lessons from her experience in event planning, equipping you with effective “expectation checks,” and uncovers three prevalent “expectation blocks” that could be stealthily undermining your contentment.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:Importance of managing expectations to increase joyConcept of “expectation checks” for self reflectionThree “expectation blocks” that may sabotage happinessStrategies for gracefully avoiding expectation trapsAcceptance, compassion and curiosity as tools for growthThe mantra “I look forward to” as a way to foster positive anticipationEmpowerment and self love after a divorceImportance of community and support in personal transformationConnect with Heidi BeeWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach TikTok: @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: Apple PodcastSpotifyAmazonGoogleAndroid
  • 169. How do I STOP CRYING & get OFF the emotional rollercoaster?

    Dr. Shawn Horn is a licensed clinical psychologist, TEDx speaker, author of The Christian Journal for Women with Anxiety, host of Inspired Living podcast and YouTuber. Her mission is to bust through shame, Ignite Hope & Inspire Wholehearted Living. Here are the talking points that we’ve covered: Unraveling the complexities of shame Impact of trauma on physical healthUnderstanding post-divorce challengesRole of nervous system in emotion managementEmotional healing post-divorceProcessing emotional reactionsGratitude and positivityConnect with Dr. Shawn:Instagram: Websites: and with Heidi BeeWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach TikTok: @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: Apple PodcastSpotifyAmazonGoogleAndroid
  • 168. The Gifts of Singleness

    Stacey Szczepanski is the author of the newly released book titled Unlocking Love: How Being Catfished Deepened My Faith and Led Me on a Journey to Wholeness. Stacey is a former classroom teacher and now finds joy in being a literacy coach. She enjoys traveling, being out in nature, and taking the time to enjoy God’s little blessings. Through her healing journey, Stacey has grown to recognize singleness as a gift and loves meeting new people.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:The benefits of journaling, the clarity gained from therapy and finding community in unexpected places.The significance of self love especially around Valentine’s Day.The value of recognizing singleness as a gift and the societal pressure to find a partner. The importance of small steps in the healing process and personal growth.Connect with StaceyWebsite: www.staceyszczepanski.comInstagram: unlockinglove2023@gmail.comWhere to find Unlocking Love: Email me to purchase a signed copy -AmazonA Note from Stacey: Society doesn’t always portray singleness as the gift it is. You might be in a season that you don’t either. Being single is not always easy, but neither is marriage. Just like anything in life though, how you view something is always a choice. Although being single might feel lonely at times, it is not who you are. You are more than your relationship status. Part 3 in Unlocking Love is about the journey in discovering the many gifts singleness can bring to our lives that many don’t get the chance to experience!Connect with Heidi BeeWebsite: DivorceComebackCoach.comInstagram:@DivorceComebackCoachTikTok: @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: Heidi Bee | Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | LinktreeEmail: Apple PodcastSpotifyAmazonGoogleAndroid
  • 167. 167: Break Free from the Loneliness Loop

    Daphne is a Home Design and Renovation Specialist that started her design journey in 2014 when she and her husband John, a General Contractor, were inspired to buy, renovate, and rent historic homes.  They sold their first renovated home in 2016 and quickly realized that flipping homes meant much more to them than a fun hobby or a simple transaction. They genuinely enjoyed capturing the essence of a home’s character, learning about its history, and understanding the vision of its owners, then updating it with modern day designs and conveniences that preserve its rich history. They founded Heritage Restoration of Ohio in 2019, with both Daphne and John collaborating on projects full time, each contributing their own strengths. Today, they not only renovate and restore their own homes, they also help homeowners bring the vision for their own home to reality.  From a honey-do list to a down-to-the-studs renovation, no project is too big or too small. Daphne and John love to problem-solve, see opportunity in peeling wallpaper, and get excited about outdated fixtures and plastered walls where nothing is square. The couple handles every detail of your home renovation project from start to finish. Daphne and John serve the Greater Columbus Area where they live with their three children.  Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:A giving heart heals itself The inclination towards service stays with you even after you are healed Service builds community and long lasting ties of friendshipConnect with Daphne:Instagram: Email:    Website: Connect with Heidi BeeWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach - @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: 
  • 166. 166: Who Am I Now? The Permission To Be You

    After suffering from PCOS for almost 20 years, LeAnna was tired of the constant yo yo dieting, not being heard by her doctors, facing the hardship of infertility, and found herself being defined by her PCOS. She was determined to find a real solution. After going back to school for behavioral sciences and then taking a deep dive in the science of habit change she realized that her healing journey was a lot less about food and exercise and alot more about self compassion. Since leaving school LeAnna has been able to help numerous women find their voice, get their PCOS symptoms under control and find the life they have always wanted on the other side.  Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:LeAnna’s personal struggles and victories, her journey with PCOS and how she managed it through lifestyle changes and self-compassion.Explore the journey of self-discovery and the courage it takes to fully understand and embrace our authentic selves.The impact of social media on our sense of self and the importance of staying focused on our own path.How curiosity and vulnerability have been instrumental in overcoming life's challenges, propelling towards living a fulfilling and authentic life.Connect with LeAnnaInstagram: leannacurvelo@gmail.comSchedule a free success call with LeAnna if you are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed in your PCOS journey and find what really works for you.  Schedule your free call via calendly or email. Connect with Heidi BeeWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach - @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: 
  • 165. 165: Do Divorce Better

    Sherry Barbour is a wife of 25 years, mother of 5 adult children, author of a celebration-of-self journal, titled Encourage Yourself Too, and one of the owners of Inspiring Purpose Counseling Group (IPCG), which is an independent private counseling practice in Columbus, Ohio. She is an Independent Marriage and Family therapist, earning a BS in Human Development, a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a current doctoral student at Cummings Graduate Institute for Behavioral Health Studies earning a Doctor of Behavioral Health. Sherry is also clinical fellow and Approved Supervisor with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. She was a full-time 3rd grade teacher and part-time therapist until 2021. In 2022 she made IPCG her focus as co-owner, CFO, and therapist. Sherry is trained as a trauma specialist, including prenatal trauma, trained in EMDR and Brainspotting, trained in the couples therapy models of Emotion Focused Therapy, Gottman, and Prepare & Enrich. And, currently on the journey to becoming a certified Imago Couples Therapist. Sherry uses a systemic view of issues, understanding that although life will bring seasons of doubt and uncertainty, even fear... there is always hope in relationship and connection with self and others. She believes that finding lost hope helps to realize an unchartered future. She takes a journey with her clients, helping them understand that old ways of coping cause daily triggers that want to be give way to new ways of living when emotional safety is prioritized in therapy. She believes in the power of true relationship and connection to heal.Contact with Sherry offerEncourage Yourself Too! Journal- 25% link-- with Heidi BeeWebsite: Instagram:@DivorceComebackCoach - @YourDivorcePlanner (moving to @DivorceComeback Coach in 2024)Linktree: