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130: Financial Freedom After Divorce: Practical Steps to Rebuild & Thrive

Ep. 130

Welcome back to Your Divorce Planner and get ready for some serious financial empowerment, folks! This time, we’ll be chatting with the amazing Leah Hadley. Leah is a financial guru and who knows all about how to rebuild and thrive financially after divorce. She's got some seriously practical steps to share, based on both her personal and professional experiences. 

In this important and insightful episode, you'll learn how to deal with the emotional side of getting a divorce and how to make financial decisions that fit with your new situation.

Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:

  • Removing emotion from financial planning during a divorce and being realistic about one's future desires.
  • The function of a financial coach or mentor in helping clients negotiate the emotional side of divorce and make informed decisions.
  • Taking advantage of free workshops to increase financial literacy.
  • The importance of liquidity and having access to cash after divorce.

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    Diane is an experienced executive assistant with over 20 years of customer service.  She is the owner of VA Minion for Hire, a company that  strives to make sure the customer gets what they need when they need it & truly shows clients that they matter.In Diane’s spare time, she fosters dogs through Wonder Dogs, a charity that gives abandoned and abused dogs a chance at a new loving home. She has adopted two wonderful dogs through fostering and saved three others so far. Diane is also an avid reader, and gamer, and enjoys just hanging out with her husband.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:Diane's realization of the need to end her marriage and the challenges she faced in recognizing the signs of emotional abuse.The importance of self-discovery and finding one's true identity after divorce, including the process of building self-confidence and embracing one's unique qualities.The significance of asking for help and receiving support from friends and family during the divorce process, including the importance of creating physical distance from negative influences.The different ways individuals navigate shared social circles and friendships after divorce, including the importance of setting boundaries and allowing space for healing and growth.The gains and positive outcomes of divorce, such as finding true happiness, deep self-love, and the potential for a more fulfilling and loving partnership in the future.Connect with Diane:Website: Minion for Hire (Facebook): more about Wonder Dogs: Heidi Bee’s Social PagesWebsite: yourdivorceplannerhub.comInstagram: 
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    Jen is a financial advisor with Bluestone Wealth Partners in Columbus, Ohio. She works exclusively with women in business, including business owners, executives, and working moms. Her career goal is to create a community of financially confident and empowered women who can achieve financial freedom and live their best lives! She has two teenage daughters and a golden retriever, that she jokes is her favorite child. Her favorite hobbies include traveling to new places, running, tennis, yoga/pilates, reading, and paint-by-numbers (a fun, stress-relieving activity she picked up during the pandemic). Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:Therapy for everyone, as it can have a profound impact on overall well-being.The importance of self-compassion and creating space for personal growth and healing.The healing process is not the end of their lives but rather the end of a chapter, offering hope for a brighter future.The potential for positive changes and personal growth that can arise from going through a divorce.Connect with Jen:Instagram: Wealth Partners (Facebook): Heidi Bee’s Social PagesWebsite: yourdivorceplannerhub.comInstagram:
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    Heidi Bee is a Certified Divorce Coach, Planning Expert & Founder of Your Divorce Planner, a service that specializes in coordinating your comeback after divorce.Her 4-month program gives women the exact process to heal the heartbreak & move forward faster! Heidi believes that giving women the exact roadmap, resources & relationships unleashes the fresh perspective and options necessary to thrive in this next chapter!Women who journey with Your Divorce Planner are joined by other divorced women in the exclusive and private “Comeback Community”. We meet virtually on a weekly basis and use self-discovery for divorce recovery to take the next best steps and build a new normal.Tune into Heidi’s Podcast, Your Divorce Planner, every Tuesday for transformational tools & candid conversations to help navigate & normalize your divorce journey and beyond.Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:Nurture a profound sense of self-love: Make self-care, healing, and personal development a priority, fostering a solid basis of confidence and self-appreciation.Be open and available: Approach life with a mindset of being open to new opportunities, surprises, and delight. Stay curious and embrace the unknown.Give less importance to others' opinions: Stop worrying about what others think of you and focus on your own desires, goals, and happiness. Be true to yourself and let go of comparison and perfectionism.Be courageous: Take bold and courageous action, even in the face of fear or uncertainty. Building confidence comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.Connect with Heidi Bee, Your Divorce PlannerLinkTree - 1 stop shop with all the links!Website: YourDivorcePlannerHub.comInstagram: @YourDivorcePlannerTiktok: @YourDivorcePlannerEmail: YourDivorcePlannerCares@gmail.comPodcast: (Search) Your Divorce PlannerSpecial Offer: Book your Clarity call at by August 12th & receive 41% off the Joyfully Divorced program for September-December 2023.
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    Cary Jacobson is the founder and CEO of Jacobson Family Law. Cary has been practicing law for over a decade, having successfully represented clients in all facets of family law proceedings. Jacobson Family Law focuses on assisting clients in creating out-of-court solutions to their separation, divorce, custody and other family law matters without the drama and stress associated with litigation. Additionally, Jacobson Family Law assists clients with protecting their assets through the negotiation of pre/post-nuptial agreements and estate planning.  Cary Jacobson is a trained Maryland Collaborative Divorce Attorney and Mediator. She works with clients by listening to their concerns and helping them identify their goals and interests for the divorce process as well as the future beyond it. Cary is skilled in a variety of dispute resolution options, and helps identify what divorce process is best for her clients’ needs.  She is admitted to practice law throughout the State of Maryland.  Cary is a certified child custody mediator, Best Interest Attorney, Child Advocate Attorney and Child Privilege Attorney. Here are the talking points that we’ve covered:Divorce doesn't have to be complicatedThe importance of updating your estate plan after divorce Reasons why you may want to consider a prenuptial agreement before your next marriageConnect with Cary:Website: www.jacobsonfamilylaw.comYouTube: offer for listeners:Free download for tips on how to prepare for divorce mediation. Visit Heidi Bee’s Social PagesInstagram: