Not Faulty, Just Blank

A show in which 3 friends since school get together and discuss the films, music, TV, news & sports event from a single year. Season 1 looked at the 90s, Season 2 continued into the 00s whilst Season 3 will travel back to the 80s.

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  • 63. Season 4 - Bonus Material Ep 1

    Howdy Blankers! With the change in format that accompanied the release of Season 4, the boys have gathered together for a top level pow-wow and decided to gift you some extra content every other week. It's essentially a Greatest Hits of all your favourite sections of drivel that you know & love. There's a Dive into the Mind of Dellow, the Jim vs Phil vs Del Challenge and an extra rummage in the Letters & Emails bag. These will be released every other week to help fill the void in your lives between the main topic-driven episodes.We hope you enjoy them!...

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  • 62. Not Faulty Just Blank DOES....Adverts

    Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Rejoice dear Blankers for the boys are back!!Jim, Del & Phil return with their 4th series and....a brand new format! Having previously examined and analysed every year from 1980 through to 2009 they're changing tack and this time around each episode will be dedicated and focused on a single subject. The boys will still look at films & music but they'll all be linked back to the main topic in question (however tenuously).The subject to kick off this new series is Adverts which allows Jim, Del & Phil to meander off down nostalgia avenue as they recall lots of their favourite ads from their younger days growing up as well as having a bit of a sing song whilst chatting about some of the catchy jingles that accompanied them. All the talk of adverts makes Del remember a story from when he auditioned to star in one when he was younger and the ensuing horror that came with the casting session.The boys will also be selecting a single film linked (again, incredibly tenuously) back to the topic to put forward for debate and then the 3 of them select the best one.After film, the boys then move on to tackle music linked to Adverts. The goal is to create a Top 10 tracks linked to each episode topic which will then be used to create another beautifully curated Spotify playlist for all you lovely Blankers to have a listen to here..... the format is different in some ways, they'd never tinker with your 'Letters & Emails' section and this episode sees the mail bag ripped open once again as the 3 amigos answer your increasingly disturbing questions.Hope you enjoy it!!
  • 61. 1989! Joe Cocker's Shit Soup Roulette (Part 2)

    Welcome one and all to part 2 of the 1989 episode and the boys begin it with a look at the huge list of TV shows that are fondly remembered by them all. They then go through their top 3 films from the year as well as the albums before the lads dip a final finger or 2 into the 'Letters & Emails' bag.As a parting gift from this series, we're giving you a little BTS action as we leave the mics running whilst Phil visits the toilet for the umpteenth time and we catch Jim & Del having a comical discussion about Joe Cocker. It takes a strange turn (but then, doesn't everything on this podcast!?!) We'll be back in a few weeks with Season 4 (and a slight change of direction) so in the meantime keep your questions and comments coming in via the email - safe Blankers!
  • 60. 1989! Beat Down Your Boner (Part 1)

    The boys are here to talk us through (the 1st half of) the final year of the 80s and it's a classic! Del starts things off with the oddities that are percolating through his head before an absolute peach of a game of Jim vs Phil Vs Del. Jim & Phil then take us through the actual news from way back in 1989 before the Letters & Emails bag is ripped wide open.Back next week with Part 2 and the wrap up of the series.....*sobs*Take care Blankers!
  • 59. 1988! Tequila Mockingbird (Part 2)

    We're back with Part 2 of the 1988 episode and your fearless trio dive straight into their favourite films of the year - this time around there's some similarity in the Top 3s. The music of the year is a different kettle of fish and a full blown argument almost erupts between Del & Phil when the former criticises an REM song which Phil valiantly tries to defend.As usual, the episode comes to an end with a little delve into the listener 'Letters & Emails' where the boys are tested to their ultimate limits!Thank you as always BLANKERS!
  • 58. 1988! Del's Chute Flute (Part 1)

    The boys return after their Christmas break to discuss 1988 and start off with a bang as Del updates us all on the infamous Cheese fiasco from the previous episode (we’re trying to pitch this to Netflix as a new mini-series in the making). Once updated, we move onto all the rest of the weird stuff that has been going around his head in the last few weeks - what a ride!We dive headlong into the great TV from 1988 and then a late breaking format change sees us dip into the bulging listener Letters & Emails bag for a little bonus at the end of the part.News of 1988TV of 1988Letters & EmailsWe’ll be back with part 2 containing our top 3 films and albums, the top 10 songs of 1988 and some more Letters & Emails next week. So, until then, stay safe Blankers!!!
  • 57. 1987! Introducing the 3Gees (Part 2)

    Hola Blankers! Welcome to Part 2 of our extended 1987 episode and, as usual, we jump with both feet straight in at the deep end with Jim, Del and Phil's top 3 film choices from the year in question. It is, as ever, a fairly diverse selection from the 3 chums.After the films are put to bed, the lads move on and discuss the top 3 albums of 1987 where, this time at least, they are all in agreement that this was one of the better years in the decade for music. However, Phil has a difficult decision to make with his top 3....Erm, Mer, REM! The top 10 best selling singles are then counted down and we are delighted to hear the boys' vocal talents really shine through as they introduce the world to the newest male harmony trio - the 3Gees!!No episode would be complete without a dip into the Letters & Emails where, once again, you lot have excelled yourselves with some very interesting questions.Stay safe Blankers and enjoy the show.Email -