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A Little Birdie Told Me

#22 Teaching kids about their own bodies with Sarah Sproule

Season 2, Ep. 21

In this episode, we sit down with occupational therapist and sex educator Sarah Sproule to find out more about removing the taboo surrounding certain body parts and embracing the awkward when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality with our kids.

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  • 6. #46 Laura Drury AKA The Glam Shamrock On Being A Beacon Of Light Online

    On this episode Rebecca sits down with Laura Drury AKA The Glam Shamrock, Digital Content Creator, mum of three and one of the most positive ladies on the internet. Laura lives with her young family in the UK; she has three children under 3. Laura works with some of the top fashion and beauty brands and creates the most wonderful content for her clients and followers. Rebecca and Laura discuss living positively and getting energy from life, raising small children while working and creating beautiful and engaging content in a saturated market. Laura is one of the warmest, most relatable women on Instagram, enjoy.
  • 5. #45 Caroline Foran Bares Her Soul With Her Powerful Parenting Insights

    On this episode Rebecca talks to bestselling author and podcaster Caroline Foran. Caroline discusses her love story with husband Barry, the worst year of her life, overcoming setbacks, managing her anxiety and parenting her 3-year-old son. Caroline is very open about her parenting challenges and her child's sensitive personality and how she follows her gut not the pack when it comes to being a mother.
  • 4. #44 Karen Koster Reveals The Reasons For Her Major Life Change

    On this episode Rebecca catches up with TV Presenter Karen Koster to talk about her massive year of change from her departure from Virgin Media's 6 0'Clock Show to dealing with the grief of losing her mother suddenly and being at home with her kids more. Karen has worked in television for twenty years and described in detail how she made her decision to step away from the limelight for a while. However, she admits we will still see her on our screens from time to time. Karen discusses her long love affair with her husband John and the different phases her three children are at and how she's enjoying the chaos. Karen also tells Rebecca about the inexplicable shock of losing her mum suddenly and how it made her more philosophical about life.
  • 3. #43 Glenda Gilson On Being A Mum And Not Letting It Define Her Life

    On this episode, Rebecca sits down with model, tv presenter and personality Glenda Gilson. Glenda has the most infectious energy and when parenting her two busy boys this must help. She describes how she likes to do arts and crafts, get down and dirty outside and build lego with her kids whilst also maintaining a pretty glamourous career outside the home. Glenda has in no way changed from her early modelling days which she recalls with joy and nostalgia and she tells Rebecca about how she'd love to return to her passion broadcasting. She details her hilarious first labour story and describes what makes her happy in life.
  • 2. #42 Hannah Saunders On Becoming A Mum At The Top Of Her PR Game

    On episode 2 Rebecca sits down with the formidable Hannah Saunders, founder of Hannah Saunders PR. Hannah was 38 weeks pregnant when she came in to studio and has since given birth to Brody Beau, in anticipation Hannah spoke about trying to conceive and the loneliness attached to it, finding the love of her life at 16 on holiday, building a PR empire in London and Dublin and how she is certain she can do it all when it comes to her career and family. Hannah is a force to be reckoned with and one of the most inspirational businesswomen in Ireland in 2024.
  • 1. #41 Donal Skehan Discusses Being Home After Hollywood

    Rebecca Horan kicks off the 4th season of A Little Birdie Told Me by sitting down with author and celebrity chef Donal Skehan. Donal has just released his new recipes book Home Kitchen and his TV series Home Cook is continuing to get rave reviews, Donal discusses his busy home life with his two young boys and his wife Sofie, how he tries to embrace the chaos, their difficult decision to move back to Dublin from LA and his views on modern parenting.
  • 14. #40 Ranae Von Meding discusses challenging IVF journey with her wife Audrey

    On this final episode of Season 3 of A Little Birdie Told Me Rebecca sits down with Ranae Von Meding. Ranae is the CEO for Equality For Children, a celebrant, marketing guru, an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and a mother of two with another baby on the way. Rebecca spoke to Ranae about her very strict Catholic upbringing and the difficulties she faced when she came out as gay, her partner Audrey, her fertility and IVF journey, her past eating disorder, her work with Equality For Children and her current pregnancy. This conversation is enlightening, informative, emotional, empowering and heartfelt all at the same time.This is a must listen to episode with so many take-aways.
  • 13. #39 Gillian Murtagh opens up about her busy but happy family life and her devotion to helping those born with Down Syndrome

    On episode 13 longtime friends Gillian Murtagh and Rebecca Horan discuss Gillian's life as a working mother to three children and her little boy Leo in particular. Six years ago Leo was born with Down Syndrome, Gillian describes in moving detail the initial surprise at the news and the health challenges that herself and her husband have had to face with Leo. Gillian speaks so articulately about the difficulties facing parents with children born with this extra chromosome and what they deal with on a day to day basis, many things that parents take for granted. She also talks about Leo being the light of their lives and the wonderful family unit she has created and the work she continues to do to protect her son and others. This is an incredibly informative, moving and hopeful conversation, particularly for anyone who has had a pre or post natal diagnosis. Gillian's overriding message is that there is nothing to fear and that the love for your child takes over instantly when they are born. A beautiful conversation between school-friends.
  • 12. #38 Natalie Britton explains how she balances her successful acting career in LA with her busy family life in Dublin

    On this week's episode actress Natalie Britton opens up about her big move from LA to Dublin with her family during COVID, her excruciating fertility battles both here and in LA, her devastating pregnancy losses and Natalie also discusses modern parenting and her views on raising children in a complicated world. This podcast is enriching, enlightening and empowering, Natalie has such an interesting perspective on life and loss.