A Little Birdie Told Me

  • 14. #40 Ranae Von Meding discusses challenging IVF journey with her wife Audrey

    On this final episode of Season 3 of A Little Birdie Told Me Rebecca sits down with Ranae Von Meding. Ranae is the CEO for Equality For Children, a celebrant, marketing guru, an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and a mother of two with another baby on the way. Rebecca spoke to Ranae about her very strict Catholic upbringing and the difficulties she faced when she came out as gay, her partner Audrey, her fertility and IVF journey, her past eating disorder, her work with Equality For Children and her current pregnancy. This conversation is enlightening, informative, emotional, empowering and heartfelt all at the same time.This is a must listen to episode with so many take-aways.
  • 13. #39 Gillian Murtagh opens up about her busy but happy family life and her devotion to helping those born with Down Syndrome

    On episode 13 longtime friends Gillian Murtagh and Rebecca Horan discuss Gillian's life as a working mother to three children and her little boy Leo in particular. Six years ago Leo was born with Down Syndrome, Gillian describes in moving detail the initial surprise at the news and the health challenges that herself and her husband have had to face with Leo. Gillian speaks so articulately about the difficulties facing parents with children born with this extra chromosome and what they deal with on a day to day basis, many things that parents take for granted. She also talks about Leo being the light of their lives and the wonderful family unit she has created and the work she continues to do to protect her son and others. This is an incredibly informative, moving and hopeful conversation, particularly for anyone who has had a pre or post natal diagnosis. Gillian's overriding message is that there is nothing to fear and that the love for your child takes over instantly when they are born. A beautiful conversation between school-friends.
  • 12. #38 Natalie Britton explains how she balances her successful acting career in LA with her busy family life in Dublin

    On this week's episode actress Natalie Britton opens up about her big move from LA to Dublin with her family during COVID, her excruciating fertility battles both here and in LA, her devastating pregnancy losses and Natalie also discusses modern parenting and her views on raising children in a complicated world. This podcast is enriching, enlightening and empowering, Natalie has such an interesting perspective on life and loss.
  • 11. #37 Stylist Sarah Rickard talks to Rebecca about her crippling prenatal anxiety and how she overcame the darkest days

    On episode 11 celebrity fashion stylist Sarah Rickard talks to Rebecca Horan about her styling career and path to her successful business Styled By Sarah Rickard, she opens up about her crippling prenatal anxiety with her two boys, the most effective treatment for her, how she overcame the anxiety she struggled with, her triumphs and how she copes as a parent and business owner.
  • 10. #36 Amy White discusses her cancer battle in her 20s which lead to an emotional surrogacy journey

    On this episode Rebecca Horan sits down with her longtime friend Amy White to discuss her traumatic cancer battle in her 20s which lead to a surrogacy journey in New Zealand. Amy's sister Katie carried her daughter Florence after a long fertility battle with many hurdles along the way. This story is about trauma and triumph.
  • 9. #35 Emma Dowling opens up about her twin pregnancy, her Empowered Mama empire and the fitness industry

    Emma Dowling aka Empowered Mama sits down with Rebecca Horan to discuss her shock twin pregnancy and the challenges that came with carrying twins and parenting a toddler and running her fitness business. Emma runs Empowered Movement and is a pre and post natal exercise specialist who also runs empowered retreats. Emma loves to empower women to be the best version of themselves before and after they have their children, is an incredible personal trainer and runs incredible retreats across Wicklow. Emma is entering the menopause space and discusses that. Emma is very open and honest about the challenges that come with being a busy mum of three, she also discusses positive body image and her day to day routine.
  • 8. #34 Stefanie Preissner talks motherhood, autism, pregnancy loss and her incredible career on and off screen

    ****Trigger Warning****On this episode Stefanie Preissner talks openly and honestly about her five miscarriages and the terrible effect it had on her and the steps she had to take in order to look after her mental health. If you have been affected by anything in this episode please seek the support that you need.In episode 8 Rebecca Horan sits down with Stefanie Preissner to discuss becoming a mother to her daughter Aurora, how that has changed her life and her pregnancy losses and mental health battles. Stefanie also tells Rebecca about her start in Germany, her childhood, her late autism diagnosis and how routine really helps her thrive. She also explains how she got into writing and broadcasting and her passion for radio and screenwriting.
  • 7. #33 Courtney Smith talks about her private and public life and losing her best friend

    On this episode Creative Director and Stylist Courtney Smith sits down with Rebecca to talk about her two pregnancies and why she chose to keep them private, her very different labours and how she runs her style empire with two children. Courtney also intimately discusses the recent death of her best friend Darren and how his death has affected her and how she is navigating that grief. Courtney is a fashion powerhouse but this conversation is enlightening and shows the many wonderful aspects to Courtney and her life.
  • 6. #32 Sinead Hingston talks to Rebecca about the sudden death of her husband and how she turned her life around

    ***Trigger Warning*** In this episode Sinead Hingston and Rebecca Horan discuss grief from the loss of a partner, the pain of suffering multiple pregnancy losses and trying to stay positive through it all. If anything in this conversation affects you please seek the support you need.In Episode 6 Rebecca talks to digital content creator Sinead Hingston about her first marriage to Geoff and his sudden death while they were on holiday in Portugal, how she navigated her grief while pregnant with their baby and following this huge trauma managed to turn her life around. Sinead also opens up about how she met her second husband. Sinead is an open book and as a result she talks to Rebecca about the incredible online community she has created on Instagram by discussing her journey through grief and her multiple pregnancy losses. Sinead is also very open about the daily challenges that parenting three children brings but also explains where she gets her positivity to persevere and thrive. Sinead is a true inspiration and this conversation is hugely uplifting despite the events in Sinead's life.