A Little Birdie Told Me

Parenting podcast by Rollercoaster.ie

  • #27 Lucy Kennedy and Colm Hayes compare notes on parenting

    Rebecca chats to radio friends and legendary broadcasting duo Lucy Kennedy and Colm Hayes about their parenting styles and the difference between parenting now and 20 years ago. Lucy also opens up about her three pregnancies and how tricky it was to be on live television with severe sickness. They also compare notes on keeping a career and marriage alive while raising kids. 
  • Season 3 Trailer

    Rebecca Horan is taking over as host and has incredible interviews with some of Ireland's best-known mums. Be sure to tune in from June 1st and don't forget to subscribe
  • 26. #26 Shame game - the hidden burdens of motherhood with Lisa Brady

    In this episode of A Little Birdie Told Me, we speak with Lisa Brady, a journalist who has covered almost every aspect of mum life, including her own. We talk mum-shaming, maternal health and the pressure mothers feel to be on top of it all, whether or not you are in the public eye.
  • 25. #25 Our children's planet - what we can do to help save it

    Pat Kane is a mother, sustainability strategist and the founder of reuzi, Ireland’s one-stop shop for sustainable living essentials. In this episode, she speaks to us about how the families of Ireland can join her 'power of one' mission to help create a better planet for our children's futures. 
  • 24. #24 Mothers Talking - Why Every Mum Needs Their Tribe

    In this episode of A Little Birdie Told Me we speak with Lucy and Kara, best friends and the founders of Mum Talks, about their personal motherhood journeys, their unbreakable friendship and their highly successful business.
  • 23. #23 Breaking the Irish Mammy cycle - with Gavin Bourke and Stephen Flood

    Irish Mammy-itis is so deeply ingrained in our psyches but micromanaging every aspect of our kids’ lives isn’t doing them – or us – any favours in the long-run. In this episode, we’re joined by Gavin Bourke and Stephen Flood from Life Skills Academy to find out more about the essential life skills every child should have before they reach the age of 10. 
  • 21. #22 Teaching kids about their own bodies with Sarah Sproule

    In this episode, we sit down with occupational therapist and sex educator Sarah Sproule to find out more about removing the taboo surrounding certain body parts and embracing the awkward when it comes to discussing sex and sexuality with our kids.
  • 21. #21 All in the genes - talking genetic testing with Dr Samantha Doyle

    From screening for chromosomal abnormalities to finding out the gender, non-invasive prenatal testing has become popular with expectant parents for a variety of reasons. In this episode we chat to Dr Samantha Doyle, Consultant Clinical and Biochemical Geneticist at the National Maternity Hospital, to find out more about how genetic testing works. 
  • 20. #20 The fool proof guide to potty training with Laura Erskine

    There’s no easy way to approach potty training but in this episode parenting expert Laura Erskine shares the winning formula she’s used to successfully potty train her three children and gives tips on how to tackle some of the most common issues parents and toddlers face.