Threads of Enlightenment

Threads of Enlightenment is a top-ranked personal development podcast that deals with the principles of self-development and growth. We interview people from all walks of life to discuss their journey of self-development and the principles they utilized to overcome their fears to achieve their desired outcome. We cover a wide range of topics from overcoming devastating illnesses, mental illnesses, anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, divorce, financial devastation, loss of family, weight loss, physical and psychological abuse, and many other issues that prevent the human spirit from becoming the best possible representative of itself. In other words, we celebrate the triumphal human spirit.

Ken Primus

Ken Primus was born in British Guyana and migrated to the United States at 12 with his family. He’s the eldest of five children. He served as the Pastor of Abundance Grace Ministries located in Orlando, Florida. He has traveled the Caribbean teaching the principles and word of God. He now travels the world teaching the good news of the gospel. Ken Primus (Shivanata Daddy) is the Co-author of Threads of Enlightenment with Radhe Schiff.