Benefit of the Doud


Douding Thomas Monthly Recap - Premature eSIMulation

Season 4, Ep. 11

Adam and Cliff are back in 2023 for our first podcast in the new year. This month, Adam had a tough time transferring his phone to a new review device (that he can't talk about yet). As he noted, what used to take 20 seconds this time took over half an hour. We pad out the runtime a bit talking about CES and Samsung's unpacked event coming up at the beginning of February. But that's all Adam's vocal cords could stand so we called it a night. 

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Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Douding Thomas Monthly Recap, April 2023: Watch it all burn

Season 4, Ep. 17
Welcome to "Benefit of the Doud," the podcast where we cover a wide range of topics in the world of technology and entertainment. In this episode, our reviewers Adam and Cliff discuss a variety of interesting subjects.First up, Adam talks about his new Wi-Fi-connected washing machine and the benefits of having connected appliances in the home. The duo then moves on to the removal of blue checkmarks from Twitter profiles and the potential impact on verification in social media.Next, Adam and Cliff discuss the recent announcement of Nearby Share coming to Windows and how it's already changing Adam's workflow. They also explore the merits of 100x zoom on phones and the future of mobile photography.Finally, the two wrap up by reading a listener DM and discussing some of the interesting questions and feedback they've received from the audience.If you're interested in the latest developments in technology and entertainment, then tune in now to "Benefit of the Doud" for this wide-ranging and engaging episode.#BenefitOfTheDoud #Technology #Entertainment #WiFi #ConnectedAppliances #TwitterVerification #NearbyShare #Windows #MobilePhotography #100xZoom #ListenerFeedback #PodcastPatreon bonus for this episode: Early accessTwitter - @BenefitofdoudInstagram - @BenefitoftheDoudYoutube - http://bitly/botdtubeTwitch - - @BenefitoftheDoudBenefit of the Doud is written and hosted by:Adam Doud - @DeadTechologyCo-produced by:Clifton M. Thomas - @cliftonmthomas