The circular economy playbook

  • The circular economy playbook, episode 20: Giving new life to textile waste with Nish Parekh

    In this episode, Ali and Rachel interview guest Nish Parkekh, co-founder of KAPDAA – The Offcut Company. KAPDAA creates unique, sustainable products from the beautiful offcuts and excess materials generated by fashion and interior designers, textile weavers and mills.Ali and Nish discuss how KAPDAA navigates the technical challenges of fibre-to-fibre processing, why the brand is diversifying into other parts of the supply chain to collect post-consumer waste, and why it's crucial that we develop the infrastructure and technology required to deal with our end-of-life textile processing here in the UK.Resources mentioned throughout the episode:Case study: KAPDAA – The Offcut Company: Giving new life to textile wasteReport: Citizen Insights: Clothing Longevity and Circular Business Models Receptivity in the UKNUW: Swap platform for pre-loved clothingGOOD: Circular, pre-loved fashion clothing Love Not Landfill: ReLondon campaign to encourage fast fashion fans to buy second-hand, swap, recycle and give to charityLove Not Landfill: Pre-loved charity fashion pop-up shop, with collections from Cancer Research, FARA, Shelter and HURR Collective, from 29th June - 2nd July 2023, Angel Central, 21 Parkfield Street, London N1 0PS
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 19: Growing the circular economy workforce with Sarah Mukherjee MBE

    In this episode, Ali and Wayne interview Sarah Mukherjee MBE, CEO of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment, known more simply as IEMA. IEMA is a global membership body for sustainability professionals, helping connect business and individuals across multiple industries, sectors and borders to make the world greener. 
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 18: Mending our economy through repair with Make Mee Studio, ReVivo and Manchester Bike Kitchen

    In this episode for Repair Week 2023, Ali and Rebecca interview three special guests championing the repair movement in different ways: Jaime Greenly from Make Mee Studio; Tandi Tuakli from ReVivo, the reuse and repair arm of footwear brand VivoBarefoot; and Andy Hilton from Manchester Bike Kitchen.
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 17: Reclaiming luxury's social impact with Marie Cudennec Carlisle

    In this episode, Ali and Sarah chat with Marie Cudennec Carlisle, CEO and co-founder of social enterprise Goldfinger.
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 16: Breaking the cycle of exclusivity with Philip Dobson

    In this episode, Ali and Antony chat with Philip Dobson, founder of social enterprise upCYCLE.
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 15: Sustaining steel reuse with Roy Fishwick

    In this episode Ali and Andrea speak to Roy Fishwick, managing director of Cleveland Steel & Tubes Ltd. Having worked in construction for over 30 years, Roy has been at the forefront of championing for a sustainable and transformational shift in the industry, from innovation and problem solving, to legislative change. Ali and Roy discuss the challenges of sourcing reuse material and the barriers to normalising its reuse in the built environment, and how the UK is leading the way in creating circular economy practice across the construction sector, narrowing the gap between assumption and acceptance of reclaimed materials.For more information on circular construction, check out CIRCuIT, a collaborative project between ReLondon, and partners in Copenhagen, Hamburg and Vaanta looking at how cities can drive a more systemic shift to more circular construction approaches.
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 14: Bringing the refill store to your door with Ella Shone

    In this episode Ali and Jean speak to Ella Shone, founder of plastic-free grocery shopping and refill service Topup Truck. Ali and Ella discuss how the idea for Topup Truck came about, the challenges starting a pandemic business and how businesses like Topup Truck can revolutionise the way consumers shop.
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 13: Tackling the takeaway problem with Safia Qureshi

    In this episode Ali and Lamia speak to Safia Qureshi, founder of returnable takeaway packaging service CLUBZERØ. Ali and Safia discuss how CLUBZERØ was conceived and how the business is revolutionising the takeaway food industry by making circularity easy for consumers. 
  • The circular economy playbook, episode 12: When clothing and brands are built to last – Duncan Money

    In this episode Ali and Hannah speak to Duncan Money, Head of Social and Environmental Impact at the cycling apparel and lifestyle brand Rapha. Ali and Duncan discuss what Rapha is already doing to make their business more sustainable and circular, and where the company hopes to go in the future.