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Getting Back on Track

Season 1, Ep. 1

In July 2021, James shared his ambition to repeat an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the furthest distance cycled on an indoor track in 24 hours. 2022 began with winter training in Scotland, followed by a week conquering the mountains of Gran Canaria on his bike. After completing a 300+ km ride from Scotland to Manchester, James tested positive for Covid. The impact on his training plan, combined with the lasting effects of long Covid, has forced James to push his world record attempt back to early 2023. Episode one picks up with James getting back on the bike in earnest during the summer of 2022 with Appsbroker, as an official sponsor, using data to get James over the finish line with groundbreaking insight.

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  • 5. The Final Lap

    With just days to go, we catch up with James MacDonald for a last-minute update on this incredible endurance attempt and recap all the work Appsbroker has done to support James and his team up to this point. There's also a preview of the race day itself as James reveals his sporting superstition.
  • 4. The Home Straight

    With less than 12 weeks to go, Google Cloud CE and cycling World Record holder James MacDonald is busy finalising his strategy ahead of this monumental endurance challenge. The data dashboard is taking shape nicely, but the longer the Appsbroker have worked on the project, the more opportunities to innovate have arisen, as Head of Data and Analytics Matt Penton explains.
  • 3. Turning a Corner

    In episode three, having spent much of the autumn taking advantage of the warmer climate abroad, James returns to wintry Britain to reveal what not to buy him for Christmas and what he'll really be eating for dinner on the big day. Matt Penton also discusses how Appsbroker can help bring race data to life in new ways, and why logging travel times and vaccinations can help improve sentiment analysis.
  • 2. Planning the Route to Success

    In this second episode, we explore what information James needs to see in his training dashboard and how our Head of Data and Analytics Matt Penton plans to deliver just that. We also discuss the probability of predictive recovery data based on estimated training data and how this world record attempt might replace a manual procedure to help make those marginal gains.