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How to Defeat Shiny Object Syndrome Once and For All

Season 1, Ep. 14

In this episode, I reveal how you can defeat shiny object syndrome once and for all.

This is something that plagues online Dadpreneurs, and something I struggled with for years.

You'll hear why I think it's such a problem in the online world.

You'll also discover Warren Buffet and Bill Gates Secret to Success is. 

Hint: It's ONE word. 

At the end, I also reveal how I overcome the fear of judgement. This is, without a doubt, the biggest thing holding people back from living the life of their dreams. 

I didn't intend to share this tip in this episode, but when you're in the zone, sometimes things just come out. One of the many benefits of doing a podcast unscripted is dropping unexpected gems like this. 

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