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Sangeeta Pillai: Breaking taboos through podcasting

Ep. 21

Podcasts can be a fantastic way to deal with delicate topics, and for Sangeeta Pillai, speaker, activist and founder of South Asian feminist network Soul Sutras, it’s a format that has been vital for breaking cultural taboos. Her award-winning Masala Podcast tackles cultural taboos against women in the South Asian community, and Pillai has used her platform to amplify real-life stories around taboo subjects such as periods, sex, menopause, and more. 

Pillai spoke to presenter Rhianna Dhillon and reporter Reem Makari in the latest episode of the PodPod podcast about how podcasting can be used to create a safe space for sensitive discussions, the most successful ways to approach potential guests, how to build a community beyond the podcast, and more. 

Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon, and produced by Emma Corsham for Haymarket Business Media.

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  • 69. PodPod: The final episode

    Over the last year and a half, PodPod has spoken to a range of fantastic guests about a huge variety of topics, and we hope you’ve found them as inspiring and enlightening as we have. Whether you’re a podcast marketer, an indie creator or a seasoned producer, we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to PodPod.As we bring the podcast to a close, Rhianna Dhillon, Adam Shepherd and Reem Makari take a look back at some of their highlights from the show, discussing their favourite guests, and reflecting on their biggest takeaways from the industry. Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon, and produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 68. Podcast Advertising Summit: Crafting a killer campaign

    Podcasts are a channel with rich potential for advertisers, but while an increasing number of brands are making podcasts part of their media mix, many have yet to explore significant investments in the podcast market. These organisations are missing golden opportunities to leverage engaged and attentive audiences.At PodPod and Campaign’s Podcast Advertising Summit last month, the topic of how best to approach these opportunities was a key point of discussion. This week, we’re bringing you one of the conference’s expert panel sessions, including Hiscox UK head of brand marketing Ed Birth, Vicky Handley, brand communications lead for Lloyds Banking Group, Spotify’s Ed Couchman, head of sales for Northern Europe, and Steven Dunlop, founder and CEO of AMA, moderated by PodPod’s Reem Makari.Produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 67. Novel: The secret to great podcast ideas

    Every great podcast starts with a great idea, but looking at a blank page, it can often feel like finding that spark of inspiration is an impossible task. The secret to coming up with successful podcast concepts may seem like a mystical art, but there are a range of proven tips, tricks and strategies that seasoned professionals use to fuel their creativity.Production company Novel is among the best in the industry at sniffing out a strong story, as demonstrated by a string of hits spanning a wide range of genres, including The Girlfriends, Stolen Hearts and 28 Dates Later. This week we speak to Novel’s creative director for development, Willard Foxton, about how he and his team identify great podcast ideas, the perils of pitching, and why diversity is at the heart of a great development strategy.Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon and produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 66. Podcast Growth Summit: Creating captivating content

    To build an audience in podcasting, the most important thing is to ensure that you’re producing outstanding content. Although there are a variety of techniques that you can use to get your show in front of more people, ultimately it’s the discussion itself that will keep people coming back again and again. This was one of the key topics that emerged from PodPod’s Podcast Growth Summit, which we held a couple of months ago in London. This week, we’re bringing you one of the stand-out panel sessions from the event, featuring Persis Love, audio producer for the Financial Times, History Hit’s head of podcasts Steve Lanham, and Michelle Douglass, senior podcast producer for the National Trust, talking to PodPod’s Reem Makari about how they create podcasts that deeply resonate with their chosen audience.Produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 65. Spotify presents: The Rest Is Great Content

    This episode is sponsored by Spotify AdvertisingCo-founded by Gary Lineker, Jack Davenport and Tony Pastor, Goalhanger has taken the world of podcasting by storm over the past few years. After the popularity of The Rest Is History, the company moved into politics, followed by money, football and entertainment, and shows no signs of slowing down. Now, for the first time ever, four of the hosts from Goalhanger’s top podcasts in its The Rest Is franchise have come together for an exclusive crossover podcast.Recorded at PodPod and Campaign’s Podcast Advertising Summit last week, this exclusive live recording - presented by headline partners Spotify Advertising - features Gary Lineker, Marina Hyde, Steph McGovern and Alastair Campbell giving their insights into what 2024 hosts for the world of podcasting and their respective areas of expertise, as well as how advertisers can best take advantage of key calendar events to share their messages. Hosted by Adam Shepherd and produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 64. Tape Notes: The art of the interview

    Podcasts are fundamentally about conversation, and interview shows have long been a staple of the medium. Few podcasts can boast as star-studded a catalogue as Tape Notes, however, which has spent the last six years interviewing a who’s-who of top music acts from Blur to Bicep.But how does a podcast get such high-profile talent on the show in the first place, and how do you get the best out of them when they’re there? In this week’s episode, Rhianna Dhillon and Adam Shepherd speak to John Kennedy, Tape Notes host and veteran Radio X DJ, about his approach to interviewing, how to put guests at ease, and why microphone discipline is a challenge even for those who spend their lives in front of them.Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon and produced by Matt Hill for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 63. Today In Focus: Bringing print journalism to audio

    The Guardian is one of the UK’s most successful podcast producers, and the jewel in its crown is Today In Focus - the flagship current affairs show that looks at a different news story in depth every day. Winner of multiple British Podcast Awards, including Best News and Current Affairs at last year’s show, the podcast has been a leader in audio journalism for years.In this week’s episode of PodPod, Rhianna Dhillon and Adam Shepherd sit down with Today In Focus hosts Michael Safi and Nosheen Iqbal to talk about the growth of the show, how their approach to journalism has changed since taking over the podcast, and how they’re bringing the values of print journalism to the world of podcasting.Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon and produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 62. Jon Evans: Podcasting for marketers

    In a media climate where attention is more important than ever, podcasting’s power as an engagement-heavy lean-in medium is being overlooked by many marketers according to Jon Evans. The host of The Uncensored CMO, Evans has built his podcast on a foundation of brutally honest guidance for advertising executives and brand marketers, and says that podcasts are an underutilised channel for marketers seeking to get their message across.In this week’s episode, Rhianna Dhillon and Adam Shepherd talk to Evans about how he made the jump from finance to marketing, why podcasts are such a crucial tool for brand-building, and how the podcast industry needs to do a better job at selling itself to marketers, as well as why podcasting should be treated as an influencer medium.Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon and produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.
  • 61. PodPod: The best of 2023

    2023 has been a whirlwind year in the podcast industry, and it’s been a jam-packed 12 months for us over at PodPod, too. To kick off the new year, we thought we’d see in 2024 by taking a look back at some of our personal highlights from 2023, with interviews across a wide spectrum of topics. In this episode, Rhianna Dhillon, Reem Makari and Adam Shepherd pick their favourite interviews from 2023, including David Law from The Tennis Podcast, Content Is Queen’s Imriel Morgan, and Masala Podcast host Sangeeta Pillai. If you’re new to PodPod, these make an excellent introduction to the show, and we’d encourage you to check out the full interviews, as well as the rest of the back catalogue.Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon and produced by Ollie Peart for Haymarket Business Media.