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3 Reasons You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men

I was speaking, instead listening, to a female friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and she was stating how she keeps attracting the wrong men. I wasn't wearing my coaching hat at that time; therefore, I wasn't offering any insights into her situation. However, I do have some. This podcast episode is for my friend and any woman experiencing the same thing. There are 3 reasons you keep attracting the wrong men. If you need to talk, my Link Tree is below. Schedule a call.
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  • 3. What Is Manhood?

    Charlotte Bevers is a sex and relationship coach for men. She provides guidance, tools, and solution-based options for men who want better for themselves, their relationships, their sex lives, and their overall well-being. She sees a need and demand from men who want to do this work, but there aren’t as many opportunities for men as there are currently for women.Her journey towards this purpose began when she was young and was raised by a single father. She was a witness to his dating life and had conversations with him about his struggles and challenges overall in life. That continued throughout her life as men continually opened up to her about their relationship challenges. It became a theme that kept showing up. So she decided to do something about what she was witnessing. To help change the trajectory of what she was seeing.Contact Charlotte via her website: Assati Living. Com
  • 2. Chapter One: What Is Manhood

    Devon Brooks Walker is the Founder of The DeepLight Coaching Process. A dynamic, interpersonal, medicinal process by which the client and the coach ally with the goal of releasing the client’s most authentic, powerful self. He also facilitates The Brotherhood Program. A 10-week facilitated men’s group to get connected to yourself, get supported by other men, expand your comfort zone, and live more fully. He came on to share how he started his work and his insights about manhood.Reach out to Devon via his website: Deep Light Coaching. ComFor Relationship/Spiritual Life Coaching and Resources go to The Heart Matters Link Tree:
  • 1. The Heart Matters: Chapter One What Is Manhood?

    Louis Morris welcomes Chris Bruno to Chapter One: What Is Manhood? Chris is the Co-Founder and CEO of Restoration Project, and Founder of ReStory® Counseling, devoting his life to helping people come alive. He is the author of "Man Maker Project" and "Brotherhood Primer," and a licensed professional counselor. He has decades of experience helping men recover their hearts. He stopped by to talk about manhood and how he got into the business of helping men.Get in touch with Chris via his website:
  • Louis' Appearance on Happily Ever After Is Just The Beginning with Host Lesli Doares

    Is the idea of change appealing to people? Perhaps in concept, but when it comes to reality, not so much. However, if a relationship remains stagnant, it's doomed to fail. The key to growth in a relationship is learning new things, having new experiences, and developing new habits, either individually or as a couple. If one person changes, the entire dynamic of the marriage will also shift.The success of this transformation will depend on how it's navigated. It's often said that couples grow apart, but there are ways to guide the outcome so that it doesn't lead to the end of the relationship. In a blog post entitled: Why Is Personal Growth So Important In Cultivating A Long-Term Relationship?Louis Morris stresses how important personal growth is in maintaining a healthy and successful relationship. In this interview, Host Lesli Doares asked Louis about this blog post and a variety of other relationship-related issues.
  • Dispelling Some Masculine Myths

    Dispelling Masculine Myths about Men's Temperament, Vulnerability, and the Role of Providing and Protecting In this episode of The Heart Matters podcast, Relationship/Spiritual Life Coach Louis Morris tackles common masculine myths that often shape men's behavior in relationships and family dynamics. With a deep understanding of the complexities of modern masculinity, Coach Louis provides insights and practical advice for men to debunk these myths and build healthier relationships.One of the myths Coach Louis addresses is the idea that a man's temperament doesn't guide the family. This is one of the reasons the tradition for a woman choosing a husband is his good character and relationship with God. These two things give the man vision, purpose, and wisdom, which he consistently pours into his wife and children. He emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and shared decision-making.Another myth Coach Louis dispels is the belief that men should always be tough and not show vulnerability. He challenges this notion by emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence and communication in relationships. He encourages men to express their emotions and be vulnerable with their partners, as it can deepen emotional intimacy and foster a more authentic connection. He also points out that the vulnerability of a man should manifest itself differently according to his inherent nature.Coach Louis also delves into the myth that men don't want to provide for and protect their women and families. He stresses that part of a man's nature is to carry out these basic responsibilities because of the feelings of accomplishment and strength they give him. He emphasizes the importance of self-awareness, self-care, and self-growth in becoming a better partner, father, and individual.In conclusion, this episode of The Heart Matters podcast provides an insightful and thought-provoking discussion on dispelling masculine myths about men's temperament, vulnerability, and the role of providing and protecting. Coach Louis' compassionate and empowering approach offers valuable guidance for men to foster meaningful and fulfilling relationships based on authenticity, responsibility, and emotional connection.Like and subscribe to The Heart Matters podcast.
  • An Interview With Marketing Manager and Founder of The Susie Amin Foundation: Safiyyah O'Quinn

    In 2016, after losing her mother to Ovarian Cancer, Safiyyah O'Quinn created The Susie Amin Foundation to celebrate her beloved mother's life. With a mission to enrich the lives of families in underserved communities through food distribution, wellness, and life skill programs, SAF has raised over $5,500 and provided over 30 pallets of food to 1,000 families with the help of 70 volunteers. The foundation is her way of personally honoring her mother while impacting underserved communities. Her mother Susie was well-known in the community through her restaurant, Salaam Seafood, which is still open today in Griffin, Ga after 36 years.A global marketing professional with 15 years of experience, Safiyyah is currently a Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft where she blends her passion for storytelling and marketing expertise. She is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and growth of her solution. Her marketing experience spans various industries technology, healthcare, supply chain, and entertainment. Enjoy this informative and uplifting interview. Follow Safiyyah on Instagram @soqweenly and check out her Lifestyle Blog Let us know your thoughts about this interview, and if Safiyyah and Louis should collaborate on something together.Like and Subscribe to The Heart Matters podcast
  • An Interview With Holistic Business Coach Michele Parad

    Michele is a holistic business coach, who helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their mission-driven businesses, live their best possible life, and increase their impact and prosperity through mastery of their S.E.L.L. method.Michele has 12+ years of marketing and business development experience with expertise in helping businesses scale through innovative partnerships, campaigns, events, and communication.Michele became passionate about the study of consciousness, mindset, and well-being seven years ago, immersed herself in various spiritual modalities including kabbalah, energy healing, and gene keys, and studied with renowned shamans around the world. Get in touch with Michele via Instagram @michele.parad or via her website: micheleparad.comFor Relationship/Spiritual Life Coaching and Resources, visit The Heart Matters Link Tree: Like and Subscribe to The Heart Matters podcast
  • There Are Clear Signs When A Guy Is Truly Interested In You

    It's about to get warm out, so Relationship/Spiritual Life Coach Louis Morris wants to give some tips to the ladies and advice to the men about what to look for and what showing interest in a woman looks like. In this solo podcast, he gives 5 things women should look for and how a man should manifest his interest in a woman.For Relationship/Spiritual Life Coaching and Resources, go to The Heart Matters Link Tree: out the new The Heart Matters WebsiteLike and Subscribe to The Heart Matters podcast