The Heart Matters with Life Coach Louis Morris

The Heart Matters: Helping People Improve Their Relationships and Improve Their Spiritual Lives. It is a podcast for people who want to have it all in their relationship. From effective communication, affection, being fascinating and fascinated by your partner, and having great, The Heart Matters offers straight talk and insightful interviews on all these issues and more. It is also a podcast for people who want to improve their relationship with the Creator, or establish a relationship with Him and make it stronger. The Heart Matters provides answers and solutions for spiritual questions. In essence, this podcast is about improving people's lives from the inside out because The Heart (truly) Matters.

Louis Morris

I am Louis Morris. Relationship/Life Coach, Author, and Podcast Host. I help couples and singles navigate the relationship realm with spirituality, love, intimacy, and trust. I received my coaching certification in May of 2018 and I'm been serving ever since.