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  • Episode 85 – IAL at FLAVA: The Walk of Hope

    In this episode of Its About Language Norah speaks with World Language Educators at FLAVA, who share the importance and impact of language on their own lives and the lives of the young people they teach.
  • 84. Episode 84 – A Conversation with Thomas and Collier on Dual Language Realities

    Episode 84 a conversation with Drs. Collier & Thomas. Internationally known for their research on long-term school effectiveness for linguistically and culturally diverse students.Listen - Download -Share!
  • 82. Episode 82 - You Are Invited to... Prove Your Language Skills.

    Language skills are a tool for life, enabling individuals to access opportunities and connect with people around the world. The languages you speak influence what jobs you might hold, where you choose to work, or even whom you meet while traveling abroad. You’re invited to listen and download Episode 82; where Norah Jones speaks with Linda Egnatz (Executive Direct of the Global Seal) about Proving Your Language Skills. 
  • 81. Episode 81 – You Are Invited to… Celebrate Your Heritage.

    When the world is changing, it can be hard to find your way. But what if you could follow your past and future simultaneously? What if you could see where you came from and where you're going at the same time?That's exactly what Norah Jones and guest Joy Peyton discuss in episode 81 of It’s About Language. In this episode, they talk about heritage languages in the US and around the world, how people of all ages find their path to language and identity, and how that can inspire us.
  • 80. Episode 80 – Your Invitation to: Go Beyond Borders

    Norah Jones and guest Limeteze Pierre-Gilles share the language-centered rescue and community leadership work in Haiti of the non-profit organization Beyond Borders.
  • 79. Episode 79 – It’s About Language: It’s About YOU

    Norah Jones introduces the new season of It’s About Language , with a call to use language to positively address our urgent social and global challenges.