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Manifesting Brilliance: Living Your Authentic Life

Season 2 | Episode 6: Showing Up as Your Whole Self - A Conversation with Amiee Elizabeth

This episode is full of inspiration and juiciness. I loved having time to speak with Amiee Elizabeth about the 5 bodies each of us inhabits and the importance of showing up wholly and completely in the world. Amiee is a Somatic and Intuitive Healer, a Shamanic Practitioner, an Astrologer, a Cranial Sacral Therapist, and a Firewalking Instructor. This is an episode you'll want to listen to more than once.

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  • Season 2 | Episode 5: Answering the Call to Thrive with Aimee Montgomery

    Join me for an enlightening conversation about what it means to really thrive in life. My guest, Aimee Montgomery, is an award-winning podcaster, a social media influencer, and a marketing expert with impressive credentials. In this episode of the podcast, Aimee shares vulnerably about her journey to wholeness and finding her own connection with the Divine.
  • Season 2 | Episode 4: Walking El Camino de Santiago - A Conversation with Pamela van der Meulen

    Since the Middle Ages, pilgrims from all around the world have walked El Camino de Santiago. Known as the Way of St. James in English, the Camino is a network of roads traveled by pilgrims to the shrine of the apostle, St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. Tradition holds that the remains of this apostle of Jesus are buried there. Join me as I speak with my friend, Pamela van der Meulen from the Netherlands about her experience walking the camino.
  • 26. Season 2 | Episode 3: Awakening to Possibility, A Conversation with Esther Jones-Alley

    A near death experience (NDE) in her 20s put Esther Jones-Alley on a path of spiritual awakening. This awakening led Esther to her work as an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach and Ordained Interfaith Minister.  Join me as I welcome Esther to the show and listen in on our lively discussion of spiritual truths and what it means to live in possibility. 
  • 25. Season 2 | Episode 2: Exploring Authentic Living with Dr. Scott Miller

    Join Jerome as he welcomes Dr. Scott Miller for a discussion about living authentically and personal transformation. Dr. Scott has harnessed the power of social media to inspire and encourage others. Listen in as Scott shares his story of overcoming challenges and limiting beliefs to step into a beautiful life of loving and serving others. 
  • 24. Season 2 | Episode 1: Heart-Based Living and Empowerment

    Illumination Guide and Spiritual Teacher, Jerome Imhoff, kicks off season 2 of the Manifesting Brilliance podcast with a heart-to-heart conversation with Diana Hartley of True Heart Training. Diana is one of the 20% of the human population that are empaths or highly sensitive people. She shares insights and inspiration for heart-based living and empowerment of those who don't always fit in because they see the world differently. If you're someone who is highly intuitive, sensitive to the energy of others, and who leads with the heart, this podcast is for you. You learn more about Diana Hartley and her work at  Find Jerome on all of the socials as Manifesting Brilliance or on the web at Contact the podcast at 
  • 23. Season 1, Episode 14: Living Your Higher Purpose with Tatsuya Fushimi

    Life Coach, Tatsuya Fushimi, introduces his clients to his work by saying, "I am here to help heal suffering in the world by supporting others to reach their highest potential. I am passionate about personal development, leadership, spirituality, human potential, creativity, education, business, coaching, and mentorship." He joins the podcast to discuss what it means to live your higher purpose. 
  • 22. Season 1, Episode 13: Mind/Body Mastery with Dane Dormio

    Dane Dormio joins the podcast to share his expertise on mind/body mastery. Join us for a discussion on the importance of developing a practice which will harmonize mind, body, and spirit. Dane is a martial artist who teaches qigong. 
  • 21. Season 1, Episode 12: Health & Wellness: The Mind, Body, Spirit Connection with Allison Vraniak

    Join me as I welcome Allison Vraniak, Health & Wellness Coach and Healer, for a discussion of the connection between mind, body, and spirit in healthy living.