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11 Sydney Bird Club - with Amy and Stephanie

Season 1, Ep. 11

Explore Sydney through birdwatching and art. This episode is about the Sydney Bird Club birdwatching group, Centennial Parklands and ways to enjoy birdwatching through journalling and art.

Sydney Bird Club was founded by Stephanie Chambers and Amy Ranck to help people discover the magical world of Australian birds. With a Sydney-centric focus, they take casual bird-watchers through the steps to become full blown twitchers, with plenty of stops along the way for a pint. Tune in to hear them talk about Centennial Parklands, the Channel-billed Cuckoo, and how art and science and connected.


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    Search for birds in Western Australia’s coastal heaths, wetlands, arid regions and tropical north. This episode is about the best places to go birdwatching Western Australia and some of the unique birds you might find there.Jeremy Ringma is a Shorebird Project Coordinator at BirdLife Australia. His work involves collecting shorebird survey data in order to assess population trends and support conservation efforts. He also runs workshops to help the community become citizen scientists. Jeremy grew up in Brisbane, where he completed his undergraduate studies and PhD on Australian predator threatened mammals. He started ‘birding’ properly in his early twenties after being interested in wildlife as a kid.Links:* Jeremy on Instagram - @jeremy_ringma* Weekend Birder Google Map -* BirdLife WA website -* BirdLife WA on Facebook - @birdlifewa* BirdLife WA on Instagram - @birdlifewa* Eastern Yellow Wagtail recording by Geoff Carey (XC729999) -* Shark Bay Scrubwren recording by Matthias Feuersenger (XC107871) -* Noisy Scrub-bird and Western Gerygone recordings by Marc Anderson, licenced from wildambience.comWeekend Birder online:* Website -* Instagram - @weekend.birder* Facebook - @weekend.birder
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  • 78. 78 Unexpected Moments - with McKinley

    Share in the delight of unexpected birding experiences. This episode is about the joys of photography, why birds bathe, foot quivering and the Regent Honeyeater.McKinley Moens is an 18 year-old nature photographer and ornithologist-in-the-making, based in the Blue Mountains of NSW. She has had a camera in her hand since she was three years old and has been pursuing her dream of becoming an ornithologist since she was 7. McKinley has been banding birds since she was 12 and is now an A-Class Bird Bander. Her photographic achievements thus far include being a 6-time finalist in the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition (including being awarded 2023 Junior Runner-up) and also a 5-time finalist in the BirdLife Australia Photography Awards.Links:* Photos and video featured in this episode -* McKinley’s website -* McKinley on Facebook - @mckinleymoensphotography* McKinley on Instagram - @mckinleymoensphotography* Regent Honeyeater Project -* Regent Honeyeater recordings were by Ross Crates - xeno-canto.orgWeekend Birder online:* Website -* Instagram - @weekend.birder* Facebook - @weekend.birder
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  • 76. 76 Bird Walks - with Damian

    Discover the joys of birdwatching walks around Victoria and beyond. This episode is about birding in the Castlemaine and Orbost areas, a great place to visit in France and the Australian Painted Snipe.Damian Kelly has been a birder since he was young, exploring the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne. In more recent times, he has written two birding guides - Castlemaine Bird Walks and Victorian Bird Walks - with the aim of encouraging others to get out and about with birds. Damian is currently working on a guide to birding along rail trails and a bird walks book for the Daylesford/Hepburn area.Links:* Damian's website -* Damian on Facebook - @damian.kelly.35* Damian on Instagram - @damiankkelly* Castlemaine Bird Walks by Damian Kelly (book) -* Victorian Bird Walks by Damian Kelly (book) -* Australian Painted Snipe Tracking website -* Weekend Birder Google Map -* Weekend Birder Monthly Letter - Birder online:* Website -* Instagram - @weekend.birder* Facebook - @weekend.birder
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    Join Kirsty and her nephew Edward as they explore the world of Australia's kites. This episode is about the joys of seeing and hearing the Whistling Kite, Black Kite, Brahminy Kite and Square-tailed Kite.Edward is 10 years old and has grown up exploring nature. When he's not playing basketball, cricket or footy, he's hanging out in his backyard, the parkland over his back fence areas and in the bush around his holiday house in north-east Victoria. Edward especially loves watching and listening to Gang Gang Cockatoos. He is interested in Australian birds and likes researching endangered birds. Edward loves the sounds of nature and being outside makes him happy.Links:* Birds in Backyards - Whistling Kite -* Birds in Backyards - Black Kite -* Birds in Backyards - Brahminy Kite -* Birds in Backyards - Square-tailed Kite -* Bird recordings by Marc Anderson, licenced from Weekend Birder online:* Website -* Instagram - @weekend.birder* Facebook - @weekend.birder
  • 74. 74 Eastern Yellow Robin - with Lana

    Get to know one of Australia’s most charming robins. This episode is about the behaviours, calls, habitats and genetics of the Eastern Robin. It’s time to get sciencey!Lana Austin has been working as a professional ornithologist around the world for many years. To name a few, she has been lucky enough to work with macaws in Peru, Toucans in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and Razorbills on the Isles of Scilly (UK). But in 2019 she decided to return to study to attempt to answer one of life’s biggest questions – are mitonuclear incompatibilities an under-appreciated cause of outbreeding depression? You’ve been wondering yourself, right?! In her free time, Lana moonlights as the President of Earthcare St Kilda, enjoys taking her cats for walks, and doing multi-day hikes. Links:* Eastern Yellow Robin Project -* Monash University’s Wildlife Genetic Management Group -* Weekend Birder Google Map -* Shout out to our friends at Earthcare St Kilda -* Bird recordings by Marc Anderson, licenced from Weekend Birder online:* Website -* Instagram - @weekend.birder* Facebook - @weekend.birder
  • 73. 73 Eastern Osprey - with Pip

    Deep-dive into the world of one of Australia’s charismatic birds of prey. This episode is all about the Eastern Osprey, and how a childhood of field trips and wildlife photography has led to a life-long love of birdwatching and citizen science.Pip Grant-Taylor is a retired TV Journalist Producer who concentrates largely on birds and wildlife photography. She has studied and photographed birds since she was a teenager. Pip’s absolute favourite bird is the Eastern Osprey. She is currently trying to identify the locations of as many Ospreys in the Moreton Bay area (including Sunshine and Gold Coast) as well as upper NSW. When Pip has time, she also likes to pick up the coloured pencils or paints and commit birds to paper.Links:* Pip’s website -* Pip on Facebook - @pipgt* Pip on Instagram - @pipgt* Pip’s photos on Flickr - * Ospreys in Australia on Facebook - @OspreysinAustralia* Ospreys in Australia on Instagram - @ospreysinaustralia* Ospreys in Australia photos in Flickr -* Osprey Watch (USA) -* Osprey World Nest Data -* Weekend Birder Google Map -* eBird Hot Spots Map -* Birdwatching How-to guides - Birder online:* Website -* Instagram - @weekend.birder* Facebook - @weekend.birder