No Energy Transition Without Batteries: A Sit Down with FREYR and our Battery Analyst

Ep. 81

CEO of FREYR, Tom Einar Jensen and our battery analyst Kenneth Sivertsen joined our podcast studio at our 29th annual Energy Conference to discuss how batteries fits into the energy transition, and how a Norwegian startup ended up on the biggest battery scene.

With scarcity of both energy and battery materials, what are the opportunities and obstacles going forward for this essential part of the renewable energy value chain?

Our annual Energy Conference 14-15 September is the largest of its kind in Europe, with over 1,500 representatives from the energy industry, the political environment, and investor community.

In addition, a total of over 160 companies presented themselves at the conference, which this year was held as a physical event in Oslo, Norway.

The conference focused on energy security, the outlook for commodity prices, and the vast opportunities as the energy transition plays out, providing a meeting place to discuss near- and long-term solutions to the energy crisis.

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