• 57. Three Wise Men: Seminary and Pilgrimage (Ep 57)

    Three graduates of Fuller Theological Seminary (California) reflect on how their experience studying theology was a pilgrimage. Mitchell, who has served in music ministry and will soon study law, explains how seminary transformed him and how he has changed from wanting to lead the church to wanting to serve people. Eric, a full-time artist and photographer, differentiates between complacency and contentment and reflects on the pilgrimage of the magi visiting baby Jesus.
  • 56. Those Who Trust in the LORD Are Like Mount Zion: Editorial Review (Ep 56)

    Josh reads some of the writings recently published on Foreshadow in conversation with Psalms 120 to 125: Orchard labyrinth, overgrown (poetry by Erin Clark), For Finding Your Way (poetry by J.E. Misz), Red Sea (poetry by Julia McMullen), A Liturgy of the Wilderness (poetry by Jessica Walters), Pearls of Ignatius (poetry by Bryant Burroughs), Invitation (poetry by Sheila Dougal), Rosary (poetry by Alina Sayre), Heart to Heart (poetry by Bonita Jewel), Advice for the Long Walk Home (poetry by Sheila Dougal) and That Person Whom You Know (fiction by Sandro F. Piedrahita). 
  • 55. Another Turn in the Spiral: Third Quarterly Review (Ep 55)

    Josh and Will explore the most recent Forecasts: 'The Perpetual Pilgrim: Paul Cornelius and Pilgrimage' (Ep 51), 'The Way of a Pilgrim: Prayer and Pilgrimage' (Ep 52), 'What Do We Do When We Arrive?' (Ep 53) and 'On the Camino: Pete Kelly and Pilgrimage' (Ep 54). Among other topics, they discuss leadership in a Christian context, how we can benefit from the Jesus Prayer and the purpose and meaning of devotional practices when arriving at a holy place.
  • 54. On the Camino: Pete Kelly and Pilgrimage (Ep 54)

    Last September, attorney Pete Kelly walked 500 miles with a friend on the Camino de Santiago, a historic Christian pilgrimage that ends in northwest Spain. Pete highlights the solitude and reflection that the Camino gave him even in the midst of sharing a journey with countless other pilgrims both living and dead. Hearing the diverse stories of other pilgrims sustained him through challenges along the way.
  • 53. What Do We Do When We Arrive? (Ep 53)

    What do pilgrims do when they arrive at their destination? Inspired by Psalm 134, Josh explores this question with a reflection on a recent visit to Holy Island, Northumbria, and in dialogue with three works recently published on Foreshadow: 'Asylum', a poem by Linda McCullough Moore, 'Found poem: Upon arrival at the Abbey', a poem by Erin Clark, and 'God Alone Suffices', a short story by Sandro F. Piedrahita.
  • 52. The Way of a Pilgrim: Prayer and Pilgrimage (Ep 52)

    This episode shares highlights from the spiritual classic The Way of a Pilgrim. The founding editor of Foreshadow connects these passages with works published on Foreshadow and with this year's theme of pilgrimage and worship. In the book, an unnamed peasant discovers oneness within himself and with others through continually calling on the Lord's name. On his journey to Jerusalem, the pilgrim describes the effects this prayer has on the people he meets and on his own experience.
  • 51. The Perpetual Pilgrim: Paul Cornelius and Pilgrimage (Ep 51)

    Theological educator Paul Cornelius speaks from his experience of a transient life, which comes with challenges and opportunities for growth. Also important are our travelling companions, who push us to think differently. Paul then describes the need to develop skills to motivate people to join us when we have a vision and are in a leadership role. Finally, Paul mentions the people and texts that nourish him, including Christ as his primary frame of reference. 
  • 50. Songs of Descents: Mid-Season Review (Ep 50)

    In this 50th Forecast, the co-hosts discuss the last four episodes. In response to the conversation with Matt Bickett, they discuss how the journey to God is not only an ascent into fulfillment but also a descent into ourselves and into mystery. In response to the conversation with Linda McCullough Moore, they discuss her poem 'Asylum' and the motivations behind going on a pilgrimage. In response to the conversation with James Bishop, they discuss how pilgrimages can mark turning points and how art (specifically music) can mark such journeys. In response to the conversation with Alan Altany, they discuss inner journeys, or 'pilgrimage[s] of going nowhere'. Also in this episode, they introduce Foreshadow's theme for next year. 
  • 49. Gritty Grace: Alan Altany and Pilgrimage (Ep 49)

    Religion professor Alan Altany describes how, as a young man, he wrestled with doubt, panic and anxiety - but how that ultimately led to a deep faith. He reads his poem 'From Here to Eternity', discussing the relationship between the sacred and the secular in his life and writing. Finally, he notes how writers such as Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Merton and Fyodor Dostoyevsky have strengthened and nourished him.