Forecast seeks glimpses of heaven on earth through conversations about people's lives and work.

The podcast of Foreshadow, a spirituality literary magazine, Forecast explores Foreshadow's themes in further depth and in a different format.

The podcast is co-hosted by Josh Seligman (based in the UK), Will Shine (based in the US) and Jarel Paguio (also based in the US).

The co-hosts and their guests come from different traditions, mostly among the Christian faith. Thus, this podcast seeks common ground and critical, constructive engagement among different perspectives.

The opinions shared on Forecast do not necessarily represent the views of the co-hosts or Foreshadow.

​We publish a new episode every other week.

Most of our episodes are conversations with a guest. However, some episodes explore a relevant text, such as a book, film or music album.

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