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The Politics of Everything Everywhere All At Once (2023)

Everything Everywhere All At Once (2023) has been a critical and commerical success, dazzying audiences with humor and heart. But less discussed is the film's political message. Podcaster Lireza Elazaj from the feminist French-Speaking podcast Les Poissons Sans Bicycletts joins Gil to break the movie down.

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  • Leaving Israel + Barbie

    Gil talks to podcaster Lireza Elazaj about his decision to leave Israel at this time and then they dive into the fantastic Barbie movie. Listen to Lireza's podcast here. And click here to support the podcast at this time.
  • What Makes Succession Interesting?

    Succession is one of the most beloved shows in recent memory even though it has a recurring plot and unlikeable characters. So what makes Succession work? Gil is joined by podcaster Lireza Elazaj from the French speaking podcast Les Poissons Sans Cicyclettes.
  • Working As Depicted on Film

    How has the depiction of work changed through the last 15 years? Let's focus on one place of work to explore it to the fullest. Our films are: Ratatouille (2007), The Menu (2022), The Bear (2022). To support the podcast click here!
  • Going Native As Depicted on Film

    American filmmakers and storytellers have been fascinated with the concept of a white American man joining the natives to fight against his own people. Let's unpack that through three films: Dances With Wolves (1990), Avatar (2009) and Dune (2021). To support the podcast click here!
  • Painters As Depicted on Film

    Our film journey in this episode goes through three painters from the last 400 years, Johaness Vermeer in Girl With a Pearl Earing (2003), JMW Turner in Mr Turner (2014), and Jackson Pollock in Pollock (2000). Support our podcast on Patreon!
  • Killing the Rich As Depicted on Film

    Three films that came out in 2022 highlight the general sentiment of aggression and disdain to the rich and powerful elite that lord over us: Glass Onion, The Menu and The Batman. To support our podcast go to our Patreon page.
  • Andor: The 21st Century Star Wars Rebellion

    Andor (Disney) is the latest and best Star Wars spinoff/prequel. It is set 5 years before A New Hope (1977), but it might as well be set in another galaxy. To support the podcast >
  • Crusades As Depicted on Film

    For the past 1000 years since the Christian crusades into the Middle East, the crusades and crusaders have consistently been positively portrayed in Christian countries. But, since the American-British invasion of Iraq and its religious undertones, crusading has begun to lose its appeal. Let's follow this journey through the 1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery, the 2006 Ridley Scott film, Kingdon of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom, and the 2018 Robin Hood starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx. To support the podcast - go to our Patreon page.