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Lost Expeditions As Depicted on Film

You wouldn't think that a film and a show about British naval exploration would offer such deep and biting insight into our culture, but they do! Our film is Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World (2003) with Russel Crowe, and our show is The Terror (2019) with Jared Harris. Gil and Rutger discuss.

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  • The Blue Eyed Samurai: a Western Samurai Legend

    This wonderful anime show draws on the long history of filmmaking in the genres of the Wild West, Samurai films, and the Wild West-Samurai combo, and it is dazzling by being simple and heartfelt. Filmmaker and filmographer Asi Oren joins Gil Kidron for this conversation. To support the podcast click here.
  • How Napoleon (2023) Fails as a Historical Biopic

    Ridley Scott's Napoleon (2023) starring Joaqin Pheonix tries to cram all the highlights of Napoleon's life into one film, and ends up feeling like a movie version of Napoleon's Wikipedia page. How did it fail where others succeeded?
  • How Metropolis (1927) Changed Cinema and Predicted the Future

    In 1927, the Austrian filmmaker Fritz Lang and his soon-to-be Nazi wife made one of the most influential films of all time, Metropolis. Many of the cinema conventions and tropes can be traced to Metropolis, which amazingly predicted how technology would be used by the rich and powerful to sow discord in society. Filmographer Asi Oren joins Gil to discuss. To watch the film on YouTube click here, and to support the podcast click here.
  • Update: Now What?

    Family updates and thoughts about the future. Click here to watch a video with Asi Oren
  • Update: we're sort of OK

    My family and I fled the war in Israel. To support me in these most difficult of times, become a member here
  • Leaving Israel + Barbie

    Gil talks to podcaster Lireza Elazaj about his decision to leave Israel at this time and then they dive into the fantastic Barbie movie. Listen to Lireza's podcast here. And click here to support the podcast at this time.
  • The Politics of Everything Everywhere All At Once (2023)

    Everything Everywhere All At Once (2023) has been a critical and commerical success, dazzying audiences with humor and heart. But less discussed is the film's political message. Podcaster Lireza Elazaj from the feminist French-Speaking podcast Les Poissons Sans Bicycletts joins Gil to break the movie down.
  • What Makes Succession Interesting?

    Succession is one of the most beloved shows in recent memory even though it has a recurring plot and unlikeable characters. So what makes Succession work? Gil is joined by podcaster Lireza Elazaj from the French speaking podcast Les Poissons Sans Cicyclettes.
  • Working As Depicted on Film

    How has the depiction of work changed through the last 15 years? Let's focus on one place of work to explore it to the fullest. Our films are: Ratatouille (2007), The Menu (2022), The Bear (2022). To support the podcast click here!