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FGCIsm: Watch People Enjoy The Netcode On Twitch

Here is our special Evo 2022 episode. We'll be breaking down some of the biggest announcements that took place at the tournament over the past weekend.

KOF 15 Cross Play, Team 4 Revealed Season 2 Teased 

Samurai Shodown Rollback Netcode Coming 2023 

Melty Blood Huge Patch 

DBFZ Rollback Netocde Coming 2023 

iDom's Evo 2022 Run in Street Fighter V 

Juri and Kimberly revealed for SFV 

Garou/ Mark of the Wolves sequel greenlit 

Bridget revealed for Guilty Gear Strive 

Tekken 8 teased and Big patch for Tekken 7