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New for you - Saturday! Film and fashion historian Kimberly Truhler sits down with Jan Price to discuss her fascinating career!

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Film and fashion historian Kimberly Truhler has spent more than 25 years researching Hollywood history, ten years curating vintage clothing, and years working in LA's Fashion District. In 2009, she founded She has written hundreds of articles on iconic costume design and its influence on fashion. She has taught the History of Fashion in Film as an Adjunct Professor at Woodbury University, host of multiple screening series for the American Cinematheque, guest speaker for museums and other cultural institutions, and producer of more than 20 events online. Due to her knowledge and experience, Truhler has been a respected expert for organizations such as Turner Classic Movies (TCM), National Film Registry, Christie's auction house, Elle magazine, and the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). In 2019, she appeared in all four parts of CNN's docu-series American Style. Truhler published her first book, Film Noir Style: The Killer 1940s, in 2021 and is a contributor to the upcoming Encyclopedia of Film and Television Costume Design. She's currently appearing as an expert in the Follow the Thread series on TCM and hosting the online series History of Fashion in Film 1920s-1980s.

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  • Eleanor Coppola - Love is Love is Love

    I was greatly saddened to hear of Eleanor Coppola's passing. I had the privilege of interviewing Eleanor in December 2021 for her film: "Love is Love is Love." What an honor to have her on my show! Eleanor Coppola shaped the cinematic landscape, leaving an indelible mark on generations of creators. Her legacy will forever resonate in the heart of cinema. She will be greatly missed by everyone in the film community! A beautiful soul! In honor of Eleanor Coppola, we are running an encore show of that interview.Encore! Director Eleanor Coppola discusses with Jan Price her new romantic comedy, "Love is Love is Love," starring Rita Wilson, Cybill Shephard, Rosanna Arquette, Joanne Whalley, Maya Kazan, Chris Messina, and Kathy Baker! 'Love is Love is Love' is now available on video on demand!LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE explores love, commitment, and loyalty. In TWO FOR DINNER, a couple uses technology to bridge distance but finds emotional separation. SAILING LESSON sees a couple reigniting passion on a sailing trip, facing unexpected challenges. LATE LUNCH follows a woman gathering her late mother's friends, leading to unexpected revelations.
  • Dan Gordon - Irena’s Vow

    Canadian Academy award-nominated screenwriter Dan Gordon discusses with Jan Price his new war drama, “Irena’s Vow.” Special two-night Fathom Event on April 15th and 16th -- Purchase tickets and watch the trailer here: the eyes of a strong-willed woman comes the remarkable true story of Irena Gut Opdyke and the triumphs of the human spirit over devastating tragedy. 19-year-old Irena Gut is promoted to housekeeper in the home of a highly respected Nazi officer when she finds out that the Jewish ghetto is about to be liquidated. Determined to help twelve Jewish workers, she decides to shelter them in the safest place she can think of: the basement of the German commandant's house. Over the next two years, Irena uses her wit, humor, and courage to hide her friends until the end of the German occupation, concealing them in the midst of countless Nazi parties, a blackmail scheme, and even the birth of a child. Her story is one of the most inspiring of our time.
  • James A. Woods & Nicolas Wright - French Girl

    Directors James A. Woods & Nicolas Wright discuss with Jan Price their new comedy, “French Girl,” starring Zach Braff and Vanessa Hudgens. French Girl is currently playing in theaters and is available to rent digitally! French Girl premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival -- watch the trailer here: Braff, Vanessa Hudgens, and Evelyne Brochu star in this heartwarming romantic comedy. Gordon, a hopeless romantic, finds his proposal plans are thrown into chaos when his girlfriend is swept away to Quebec by a job offer from her ex, a sophisticated celebrity chef. Determined to keep their love alive, Gordon leaves Brooklyn for her hometown, only to find himself hilariously out of his depth in attempting to charm her hard-to-impress, French-speaking family.
  • Téana David - The ILLUMINATE Film Festival

    Executive and Artistic Director, Téana David discusses with Jan Price the ILLUMINATE Film Festival. Téana David, MFA, Executive and Artistic Director of the Santa Barbara, CA-based ILLUMINATE Film Festival, now in its 10th year, previously served as Director of Deepak HomeBase in New York City. Through her production company, Wise Planet Media, Téana has produced many short films on the topics of ecology and social impact. She is a founding member of Artists for Amazonia, Board Vice President of the Tribal Trust Foundation, and a member of The Evolutionary Leader’s Circle.The ILLUMINATE Film Festival's opening night is on April 5 at 6:30 PM in Santa Barbara, featuring a keynote by Deepak Chopra, the film "Love Over Money," and an interview with director James Colquhoun – watch the trailer here:
  • Adam Cooper - Sleeping Dogs

    Director Adam Cooper discusses with Jan Price his new crime-thriller, "Sleeping Dogs," starring Academy Award Winner Russell Crowe! Sleeping Dogs is now playing in theaters -- watch the trailer here: DOGS stars Russell Crowe (Gladiator), Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy franchise), Márton Csókás (Lord of the Rings trilogy), Thomas M. Wright ("Top of the Lake"), Harry Greenwood (The Nightingale), and Tommy Flanagan ("Sons of Anarchy"). SLEEPING DOGS was directed by Adam Cooper in his feature film directorial debut and co-written by Cooper (Exodus: Gods and Kings) and Bill Collage (Emancipation) based on the novel "THE BOOK OF MIRRORS" by Romanian writer E.O. Chirovici.
  • Encore! Peter Hutchings - Which Brings Me to You

    Encore! Director Peter Hutchings discusses with Jan Price his new romantic film, "Which Brings Me to You," available to rent digitally now!Watch the trailer here: romantic burnouts, Jane and Will, are immediately drawn to each other at a mutual friend's wedding. After a disastrous hookup in the coatroom, the two spend the next 24 hours together, trading candid confessions of messy histories and heartbreak on the off chance that this fling might be the real thing. Lucy Hale and Nat Wolff star in this hilarious tale from the team behind The Hating Game. 
  • James Bamford - Air Force One Down

    Award-winning Director James Bamford discusses with Jan Price his new action-thriller, "Air Force One Down," starring Katherine McNamara, Ian Bohen, and Anthony Michael Hall! Air Force One Down is available to rent or buy on digital! Watch the trailer here: AIR FORCE ONE DOWN, a rookie Secret Service agent (Katherine McNamara) on her first assignment on Air Force One faces the ultimate test when terrorists hijack the plane, intent on derailing a pivotal energy deal. With the President's (Ian Bohen) life on the line and a global crisis at stake, her bravery and skills are pushed to the limit in a relentless battle that could change the course of history.   James Bamford began his career in the film industry back in 1990 as a stuntman for actor Michael Dudikoff on the Stephen J. Cannell series "COBRA." Throughout the years, as his career continued, he went on as a stunt double for David Duchovny on the award-winning Chris Carter series "The X-Files," and later as an actor, stunt coordinator, 2nd Unit Director, Director, and finally Producing Director on over 150 other television series and feature films in the course of the last 30 years.
  • Michael Fiore - Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World

    Writer-Producer-Director Michael Fiore discusses with Jan Price, his new documentary, Veselka: The Rainbow on the Corner at the Center of the World – narrated by Golden Globe award-winner David Duchovny and featuring Grammy Award-winning saxophonist David Sanborn!Veselka recently had its world premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival and is 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes! Veselka is currently playing in select theaters – watch the trailer here: the second-generation owner of New York's beloved Ukrainian restaurant Veselka reluctantly retires after 54 years, his son Jason faces the pressure of stepping into his father's shoes as the war in Ukraine impacts his family and staff. New York-based Michael Fiore is quickly becoming the Frank Capra of documentary storytelling with the release of Veselka. As with his previous documentary, the beloved Floyd Norman: An Animated Life (Netflix, TCM, Criterion Channel), Michael turns his lens towards people who stand up for a cause, the marginalized, and those who are dismissed amidst power. These are people who are the bright lights in a world leaning into darkness.
  • Encore! Kevin Tent - The Holdovers

    Encore! Two-time Oscar-nominated editor Kevin Tent, discusses with Jan Price his film, "The Holdovers," starring Paul Giamatti! “The Holdovers” is now streaming on Peacock!Watch the trailer here: acclaimed director Alexander Payne, The Holdovers follows a curmudgeonly instructor (Paul Giamatti) at a New England prep school who is forced to remain on campus during the holiday break to babysit the handful of students with nowhere to go. Eventually, he forms an unlikely bond with one of them — a damaged, brainy troublemaker (newcomer Dominic Sessa) — and with the school's head cook, who has just lost a son in Vietnam (Da'Vine Joy Randolph).