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Life Changes YOU

Self-Care Boundaries & Taking a Break 200th Episode

Season 5, Ep. 200
Todays episode is the 200th episode of Life Changes You. When I started i wasn't certain how long the podcast would last and if there would be enough interest? Now almost 3 and a 1/2 years in and 200 episodes I feel confident that it is going ok :)

Thank you to all the guests who have shared their stories and inspired others to keep going and to realise that we can make it through some terrible situations. Thanks to everyone who keeps listening and sending me feedback :)

This episode is all about setting boundaries around your self-care. I have been quite unwell recently with a brain bleed and had to really start taking care of myself. This was a great conversation to have at this time for me :)

Isaac Lee

Principal Psychologist

Master of Professional Psychology, Monash University

Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology, Monash University

Bachelor of Psychological Science, Latrobe University

The team at Functional Minds is led by our principal psychologist, Isaac Lee.

Isaac is a generally registered psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and has previously been a committee member for the Melbourne Branch of the Australian Psychological Society.

Isaac’s passion for the field of psychology comes from wanting to help people, to have a positive impact on those he interacts with, and to always be learning more about people, the brain, and the world.

Isaac works in a person centred approach, within a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework with elements of Mindfulness, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Schema Therapy.

Isaac is particularly interested in helping people with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and gender dysphoria, although he is always looking for new experiences, and is keen to help all of his clients in the best way possible.

Functional Minds Psychology - We're here to help

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  • 202. Autism Awareness

    This episode was released back in 2021 and I thought it was time to rerelease it :)The more that we talk about and normalise autism, the better understanding we have.I hope that you enjoy this episode and look forward to bringing you season 6 in the New Year :)
  • 201. Child Psychiatrist

    I don't know how many of you read the show notes? I have been away most of this year unwell so I thought i would share some episodes from the vault until the new season next year :) I hope that you enjoy this episode and take something from it!See you next year for season 6
  • 199. Change & Potential

    I always love speaking with Chad. We seem to click on any subject we discuss and both bring something different to the conversation. I hope that you get something from this and please eave us some feedback :)Chad has spent the better part of the last 23 years in organizational leadership; primarily in banking and higher education. In July 2020, Chad started Teal Conversations, a leadership coaching business. Focusing on small teams and entry- to mid-level leaders and managers, Chad's work consists of group workshops and 1:1 coaching. His work is geared to help leaders navigate difficult conversations and lead others through 
  • 198. From Addiction to Coaching

    I had a great conversation with Chris and found him to be a great ambassador for change. Chris has had a lot go on in his life and he could have easily given in!Chris is a professional goals and habit coach with clients in business, recovery, and personal performance and development. Chris is obsessed in helping people turn doubt and failure into powerful consistent action so they can achieve their health and wealth goals with ease.After having physical and sexual abuse as a child. Chris turned to drug and alcohol abuse for 17 years of active addiction. The last decade of his active addiction brought Chris to a deep darkness that he could no longer tolerate. He made the decision to do whatever it took. He teamed with a coach and found his sobriety. Chris has accumulated 7 years of dedicated action and accountability. He, in turn, is creating and living the future he wants. Chris competes in adventure races, marathons, and in 2020, he completed his first 50 mile ultramarathon. He is currently running every day for 2,000 days (March 2022 to August 2027) to prepare to run 6,600 miles across the United States. He embodies the axiom “choose your hard.” Chris knows not only the way to become a high achiever, but also the feelings of proudness, joy, and fulfillment that come from it.
  • 197. Change From The Inside

    I met Danyon the day we recorded this episode. I had been sent a reel of his on Instagram and thought he had a powerful story. I wasn't wrong :)Danyon has been through quite a lot in his young life but to hear him talk with such emotion and insight you can see how far he has come. Danyon is a true fighter and someone who has really learnt some tough lessons. He doesn't shy away from what he has been through and uses it to teach others through his resilience. I am glad to know Danyon and he has shown me different ways to see ourselves and how to create better things even though life can seem stacked against you :)I'm Danyon, I'm originally from Christchurch, New Zealand , From a young age I never felt like I was like the other kids.. In actual fact I wasn't.. I was ME.. Thru out my years on this earth I have gone down many rabbit holes and ended up in dark places.. Addiction and Prison being two of them.. However thru the dark I have found my purpose and that is giving brothers and sisters like myself some HOPE and making it clear if I can change anyone out there can and it starts within.. I am now training to be a qualified Chef and am engaged to an amazing Women called Cole. I now know it's possible to have a good life and learn to love yourself... If you are reading this and are struggling, message me let's chat :)Answers Within (@the.answerswithin) | Instagram
  • 196. My Story of Trauma & Resilience

    This week is a bit different. I am playing an episode which appeared on another podcast by The Mind Tradie :) I listened to this episode some time ago and it really moved me, it made me connect with Jamie and ask him to be a guest on the show. We have become great friends and talk often, and he has appeared on instagram lives with me and a few episodes of this podcast.What i loved about this episode is how raw Jamie is when he talks about his childhood. This was the first podcast i had heard that really made me feel sad but also inspired me. When you listen you will get a great understanding of Jamie and what he has been through because he is also losing his sight! Jamie is someone that I am really proud to know and call my friend and I hope his story moves and inspires you the way it did me :)The Mind Tradie was founded by Jamie Usher in 2013.Jamie is based on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and in 2010 Jamie was dealt with an unexpected eye condition causing him to lose 90% of his eyesight. Prior to becoming legally blind, Jamie successfully ran his own business as a tradesmen on the Mornington Peninsula. Jamie has a love and passion for psychology and understanding the mind and human behaviour. Jamie has followed his passion for psychology and completed study in BPsychSc & Psych (Hons), with plans to complete further study in this area. Today, Jamie works with his clients to help them find and become the ultimate versions of themselves by helping them breakdown self-imposed barriers, unlock emotional chains and reframe trauma from past experiences. By helping his clients reach their desired goals, within all areas of life, Jamie supports his clients to have more fulfilled and happier experiences in their lives.Website: The Mind Tradie
  • 195. Managing Grief & Loss

    Karen and I have known each other for the past couple of years and she is a phenomenal grief counsellor, in fact she is good all round. We have had a discussion before on the 5 stages of grief on my Instagram lives and we had some really great feedback. I think with grief there are a lot of reasons why we don't openly discuss the issue and hope fully you will find some answers by listening to this conversation.I really enjoyed sharing our personal experiences and how we have managed them and hopefully that will enable you to move through your grief a bit easier :)Karen is a trained, fully qualified counselor with a special interest in grief, men's mental health, trauma, anxiety, and depression. She understands how hard it can be when people are faced with grief and navigating our way through the journey. Having experienced a loss of a loved one herself, she understands how to help individuals work through what they are experiencing.Karen trained as a bereavement counsellor for her local hospice where she worked for 4 years and has now gone on to start her own private practice.You can find Karen here: Karen Michala (@_kg_counselling) | Instagram
  • 194. Level Up & Be The Best You Can Be

    I was truly inspired by Ben Heron, a physical and mental performance coach and founder of Level Up Academy which serves men all over the world. Ben is committed to helping guys push to the next level in their body & life, reaching their full potential. Ben shares insights in this episode that will help you super-charge your daily energy levels, take charge of your mindset to achieve more and gives you easy to action nutrition and productivity tips. I found Ben to be insightful and interesting and also full of great ideas :) You’ll walk away feeling inspired to be more, do more and achieve more. To chat to Ben drop him a message on -