A fresh take on ancient myth.

Our podcast is a little different from other myth podcasts out there. Rather than telling the stories, we focus on analyzing the literary material where those stories come from. Sometimes we choose a particular figure or theme from mythology and examine texts relating to it. Other times, we choose a passage from a play or poem and discuss its themes and ideas. We also explore modern links to Greek and Roman mythology, whether we're talking about the solar system or Wonder Woman.

Our podcast is unscripted, so anything can happen! We keep it real–we want you to feel like you’re sitting down and having a conversation with us. We also welcome your input–questions, thoughts, suggestions, ideas.

Hosts Alison Innes and Darrin Sunstrum have well over two decades combined experience teaching and studying Greek and Roman myth at a university level.

MythTake is created, hosted, and produced by Darrin Sunstrum and Alison Innes.

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