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Sheila Vashee - VC at Basis Set Ventures

Season 1, Ep. 2

For today's episode, we chat with Sheila Vashee (@sheilavashee). Sheila works as a partner and venture capitalist at Basis Set Ventures. Prior to this, she was the vice president of Growth at Opendoor and the second marketing hire at Dropbox. 

In this episode, Sheila talks about her incredible journey. Some highlights being:

  • Starting a brownie company at age 8
  • Becoming an investment banker after her undergrad in college
  • Transitioning into corporate strategy at Gap
  • Being the second marketing hire at Dropbox
  • Learning how to navigate growth and operations at Opendoor 
  • Early career as a VC at Basis Set Ventures

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Music: Nowhere land & Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod.

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