The Rollercoaster Podcast with Nikunj Kothari


Nish Bhat - Cofounder of Color Genomics

Season 1, Ep. 3

For this episode, Nikunj chats with Nish Bhat (@nterminus). Nish was most recently working at Color Genomics where he was one of four cofounders. Prior to that, Nish worked as a software engineer at Lookout.

In this episode, Nish talks about his journey to founding Color Genomics. Some highlights being:

  • Love for entomology and biology growing up
  • Wanting to become an academic biologist
  • Transition to being a software engineer in his junior year 
  • Founding Color Genomics as he wanted to get back to his first love, biology 
  • Growth challenges at Color
  • Leaving Color, and helping early stage founders with his expertise

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Music: Nowhere land & Wholesome by Kevin MacLeod.

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