cover art for Episode 42 - Khane Kutzwell, Owner of Camera Ready Kutz Inc. in Brooklyn, New York

Our Black Gay Diaspora Podcast

Episode 42 - Khane Kutzwell, Owner of Camera Ready Kutz Inc. in Brooklyn, New York

Season 2, Ep. 42

Khane Kutzwell is the owner of Camera Ready Kutz Inc., an LGBTQ-friendly barbershop in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Trinidad, Khane is a master barber, barber coach and instructor, entrepreneur, and public speaker. Responding to the misogyny and homophobia that can permeate male-dominated barbershops, Khane created Camera Ready Kutz as a safe and welcoming space for individuals to get a haircut. She and her team encourage their clientele to engage in conversation to achieve the look they desire. Khane shares her professional journey as an entrepreneur and entrepreneur.

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  • 82. Episode 82 - Charles Reese, American Actor, Writer, Producer, and Public Speaker

    Charles Reese is an American actor, writer, producer, public speaker, and the founder of Teeth and Eyes Communications, LLC. Thank you to Frederick Johnson for connecting us. One of Charles’ most critically acclaimed roles is as American writer, playwright, and activist James Baldwin in the Off-Broadway production of James Baldwin: A Soul on Fire.Through his advocacy and promotion of James Baldwin and his works, Charles earned the 2021 Medal of Honour Recipient from In The Meantime, a Los Angeles-based organisation that enriches, empowers, and extends the lives of intergenerational Black men.
  • 81. Episode 81 - Season 4 Premieres with the "On The Panel" Bimonthly Series

    Season 4 debuts with Our Black Gay Diaspora Podcast's first episode of the new bimonthly On The Panel series. Where guests return to join me and sometimes others to share their insights and experiences on various topics. For this discussion, I’m joined by Episode 63’s Byron Adu from Australia, Episode 12’s Lennox Benson from the UK, and Ep. 57’s George Kachimanga from Malawi.
  • 80. EPISODE REPLAY - Pride in Being a Black Gay American Writer and Digital Nomad with Erick Taylor Woodby

    (Original Air Date: 21 June 2023) Our Black Gay Diaspora Podcast's creator, host, and producer Erick Taylor Woodby is interviewed by Gamal 'G' Turawa, an ED&I facilitator, transformational storyteller, and the protagonist in the 2022 BAFTA-wining documentary, The Black Cop. Erick shares his pride in being a Black gay American writer and digital nomad.
  • 79. Episode 79 - Andrew Michél Thomas, German-Based Canadian Researcher and Scholar

    Andrew Michél Thomas is a German-based Afro-Jamaican-Haitian-Canadian researcher and English-language teacher and intercultural trainer. His work centers on queer men and persons in Afro-diaspora communities in Germany and Europe, with a focus on the city of Berlin. This includes how “…mutuality of place, identity, and self shape belonging, inclusion, place bond, or attachment to a place…”
  • 78. Episode 78 - Phineas Newborn III, American Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, and Producer

    Phineas Newborn III is an actor, dancer, choreographer, and producer whose career highlights include the 1984 breakdancing-themed film Breakin’ and the Broadway musicals Cats, Ragtime, and Aida. He's also been featured in films Girls Just Want to Have Fun and the television series Fame. As a dance instructor, he's taught in Germany, France, England, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. Phineas has choreographed and performed with Gladys Knight, James Brown, Prince, Jasmine Guy, Paula Abdul, Seal, and Lenny Kravitz, to name a few. Thank you to Gamal ‘G’ Turawa for connecting us.
  • 77. Episode 77 - Dr. Julius J. Johnson-Weaver, Founder and Chief Physician of Resolve MD and RMD Proud

    Dr. Julius J. Johnson-Weaver is the founder and chief physician of Resolve MD, a primary care medical practice. Led by Dr. Johnson-Weaver, a transgender, non-binary physician, RMD Proud is Resolve MD's gender-affirming care program that provides gender-affirming hormonal treatment for transgender and gender-expansive individuals. Dr. Johnson-Weaver is a medical professional and community member outspoken against racism, sexism, homophobia, and negativity against transgender and gender-diverse people.
  • 76. Episode 76 - Dennis L. Carney, British Therapist, Facilitator, Activist, and Founder of Black Connection

    Dennis L. Carney is a British therapist, facilitator, and activist with over 25 years of experience developing and facilitating a diverse range of courses exploring themes around sexual and mental health, identity, equality, diversity & inclusion. He's the founder and chair of Black Connection, a UK-wide social network for Black queer men over 50. Additionally, Dennis is an advisory board member for EBANMAN, a publication showcasing the professional lifestyles of mature Black queer men within business, travel, and arts & entertainment.
  • 75. Episode 75 - Pax Ahimsa Gethen, American Transgender Vegan Pacifist, Blogger, and Wikipedia Volunteer Editor

    Pax Ahimsa Gethen is an American transgender vegan atheist, pacifist, blogger, photographer, and Wikipedia volunteer editor. In August 2023, Pax was awarded Wikipedia’s 2023 Media Contributor of the Year. Through their blog site,, Pax is a dedicated advocate for marginalized communities, highlighting transgender and Black social justice causes and cultural milestones. 
  • 74. Episode 74 - Marc Thompson, British Director of the The Love Tank and Co-Founder of PrEPster

    With over 30 years of activism, Marc Thompson is one of Britain’s leading HIV and Black queer men’s health campaigners. He's the Director of The Love Tank and co-founder of PrEPster, which “seeks to educate and agitate for PrEP access in England and beyond.” Marc has co-founded other organizations like BlkOutUK and Black and Gay Back in the Day.