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  • 7. C19-07 The Integrity of Podcasting with April Mahoney

      The mission is to encourage and develop people through kindness, community and personal growth to want better, do better, be better. A Good Person Productions April Mahoney ~ hailed as San Diego’s Poet Laureate is a native of Los Angeles CA and the founder of A Good Person Productions started writing poetry at the age of 8. She has been published in the International Library of Poetry Anthology, a Blog talk star radio personality, and is the winner of numerous radio and print ad contests. April is the author of 3 books. “Small statements that mean a lot her first book, “ Utter Magic” and “Rico the Seagull, Making the best out of a mess”.

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  • 45. C19-45 Global Social Depression with Gina Gardiner.

    Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Gina Gardner, on air from November 12th. Gina says…We live at a time where we are bombarded with information via the news, social media, and documentaries.  The vast majority of them are spewing out news about political mudslinging and uncertainty, wars, people being displaced, hunger, global warming, poverty, division, and natural disaster.
  • C19-44 Transform Stress to Success with Dr Marilyn Joyce

    Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Marilyn Joyce. On air from October 29th Marilyn’s #1 International Besteller (August 2017), The Stress To Success Formula, is being revised, expanded and will be relaunched in 2020.  So,  who better to write a book on how to transform your stresses into your successes…5 minutes at a time?
  • 31. CP19-31 The New Sacred Masculinity Era with Keith Gregory.

    As is surely evident, Awakening the Sacred Masculine is my primary interest, personally & professionally. However, I also realize this has to be creatively (re) presented to keep being relevant, if not interesting to your viewers. So, not to abdicate my say in this, I imagine you’ve quite the pulse via Social Media, as to what’s what in the ‘hot topic’ dept regarding men, yes? (Brainstorm Time …) Whether it’s the Awakened Sacred Masculine or The New Manhood, we’re speaking to the new, updated version of Masculinity on the Planet – or is it:  The New Masculinity.
  • 39. ECO 19-39 Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative with Duane.

    ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest Duane Sternholm, on-air from September 24th Duane Stjernholm Co-Founder and Operator: Colorado Hemp Processing Cooperative shares with us the value and uses of hemp and how it is growing today.
  • 40. Ecoism-because-normal-is-over/

    A New radio series on what we can all do in saving our planetary resources. Renee Scheltema and Sara Troy bring you a series of shows with environmental and technical people with answers to our global sustainability problem. Renee has brought us “Normal is Over” a movie on how our planetary credit card is due for payment and how our buying habits have ALREADY spent our future.
  • 42. 19-42 Becoming a Senior at 65

    October 6th I turned 65 years old and now I am officially a senior. Growing older does not worry me, as I have lost so many way too young, aging is a gift and a gift we need to embrace and put to good use. There are some perks to becoming a senior, free ferry ride between Vancouver Island and the Mainland, cheap annual bus pass. Senior discount days in most places, so some benefits.