• 14. S1E14 - Hard Work Beats Talent, Kanye Made Taylor Famous, Tyler Falling Off?, #FBGM, WW3? (Season Finale)

    On the Season 1 Finale of NuRadio, co-founders of NuRenaissance, SHiKi and Nicólas Soul discuss complacency and how being comfortable can stall growth, if Kanye really did "make that bitch famous", if Tyler, the Creator has peaked musically, and how the chances of a potential war during a pandemic has been affecting them personally.Connect w/ SHiKi During the ShowTRVP SHAWN - TAKE CNTRL! - Dead Roses PLUS - danger zone
  • 13. S1E13 - Jai Musiq: Growing Pains, Pandemic GOATs, Memphis Sound, We Love Drama, & H.I.M. Album

    Jai Musiq connects with the NuCrew on the latest installment of NuRadio. They discuss growing pains, the power creatives have, the ups and downs of trying to build a successful artist brand amidst a pandemic, knowing your worth as an artist, building your own sound and lane when it's not the dominant sound in your area, and why people love drama (in real life and entertainment). Tap in!Connect w/ Jai Musiq During ShowBe Affirmation
  • 12. S1E12 - Malaiye: Projecting vs Being, Your Nature, Safe Spaces, Shadow Work, & "Deserve" Short Film

    Actress, cinematographer, and singer Malaiye links with the NuCrew and talks on what it means to project your personality vs being it, navigating egos in the industry, how your nature can be affected by your environment, the importance of safe spaces, how shadow work can be beneficial to growth, and her upcoming short film, "Deserve".Connect w/ MalaiyeWebsite: During ShowCojo - GOD FLOW Park - Visions Cave - Mr. Carter
  • 11. S1E11 - Shunn Shine!: Self Love, Inner Peace, MySpace, Visual Society, & Highs & Lows of Teaching

    Fashion visionary & businessman Shunn Moorer taps in with the NuCrew on the latest installment of the NuRadio podcast. With his addition, they discuss the importance of self love & inner peace and what that means to them, how they conduct their social media businesses, their first social media experiences, why we're becoming a more visual society, how clutch SparkNotes was in school, & more!Connect w/ Shunn MadeInstagram: During ShowShayla McDaniel - What I Need Terra - Second Time Around - CRASHSITE
  • 10. S1E10 - Prod. by Nolan: Free Will, Being PC, Therapy, Parents Are Humans Too, & Collabs?

    Memphis producer Nolan taps in with the NuRadio crew for this philosophical tenth episode as they question how much free will one possesses, how to navigate being politically correct, the importance  of therapy, how difficult parenting can be, & how they personally approach collaborations.Music During ShowSwayyvo - Change PLUS & Silky Southern - goddamn Terra - Dangerous
  • 9. S1E9 - Keiser Klip: Love Languages, Vulnerability, Communication, Patience, & Onlyfans

    Content creator Jordan Keiser joins the NuRadio crew and they discuss the importance of love languages, being open and vulnerable with your significant other, communicating your needs, having patience with the evolution of the relationship, and her experiences making Onlyfans content.Music During ShowB. Cave - Passport - I Wonderólas Soul - $x$=$$ (feat. RK Bottom Line & GAMii)
  • 8. S1E8 - Fashion Affects Demeanor, Uniforms Killing Expression, Party vs Function, & "I Don't Dance"

    Eight episodes in, The NuRadio crew dives in to how your fashion sense can affect your mood & demeanor, how detrimental uniforms are to student expression, the differences between a party and function, and why partying in some places can be lackluster.Music During ShowYendu - Iota Dope - "What's My Name?" "TCHALLA" Ft. TUGOOD
  • 7. S1E7 - Cave Cut: The Independent Grind, TikTok, Staying Inspired, & NFT Utility (S1E7)

    Massachusetts-born hip hop artist B. Cave stops by NuRadio and chats about the different mediums he utilizes when promoting his music, how TikTok & social media are implemented into his artist regime, & how and why NFTs will be revolutionize art.Connect w/ B. Cave During ShowB. Cave - Sedated Smiff - untitled17 ft. flint Jackson - IGNANT - Last One
  • 6. S1E6 - Right & Wrong is Subjective, "WhAt'S rEaLiTy?", Naruto vs Riley Freeman, & Playboi Carti

    Atlanta artist/producer Charlie The Healer a.k.a Penile finally gets his own episode on the sixth installment of NuRadio as the crew discusses how idea of right and wrong is different for everyone, different perspectives on reality, Michael Jackson, why you don't stop school fights, and erectile dysfunction. Charlie, the HealerChannel: During ShowCXRD - Condo Alone - Long Live Pay Pay 2 Keldry - Cash