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Season 4, Ep. 37
Ohhh we're nervous for this one! We know that RJ Palacio's 2012 book Wonder and Stephen Chbosky's 2017 film adaptation have a lot of devoted fans and while we're able to acknowledge the light it has shone on disability, we have some pretty major reservations about the storytelling (in the book) and the casting (in the film). From Palacio's inspiration for the story (and the creation of her Wonder mini-empire) to Auggie's perfection to the fear of acknowledging that this is disability to the inspiration porn of it all. Plus: why is Via the most interesting character? Why is class, race and queer sidelined? Why were disabled actors auditioned if the role went to an able-bodied actor? Problems, problems, problemsReferences:> Carly Findlay. “My concerns about Wonder the film (and how to talk to your kids about Wonder)”> Ariel Henley. “What “Wonder” Gets Wrong About Disfigurement and Craniofacial Disorders.” Teen Vogue> Ariel Henley. ‘WonderIs a 'Feel-Good' Movie That Needed More Realism.’ The Atlantic > Mike Moody. “Review:Wonderby R.J. Palacio” Disability in KidlitWanna connect with the show? Follow us on Twitter @HKHSPod or use the hashtag #HKHSPod:- Brenna: @brennacgray- Joe: @bstolemyremoteHave something longer to say or a comment about banned book club? Email us at or tweet us your responses before the following deadlines:- June 23: Wetlands by Charlotte Roche- July 23: Cousins by Virginia Hamilton