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The Ikigai Project

How Transitions Impact Love + Friendship

Season 3, Ep. 3

In this episode we are stepping into the world of relationships - whether that's the partner we're with or friendships. We want to explore how significant transitions impact these relationships. We invited our close friend Diana Chung, who brings an insightful and candid perspective (check out Diana's original interview in S1, Ep2). So pour a glass of wine and listen in as we explore past heartbreak, how our upbringing impacts how we date, friendships changing in our 30s, and much more.

Reach out to Diana on Instagram at @dianachungcoachingco or on her website:


Time Stamps:

[2:25] Defining an important relationship

[6:09] The hard transition of a break-up & heartbreak

[17:01] Transitioning from dating to marriage & finding the right person

[31:17] Balancing individualism vs. needs of a relationship

[37:05] Navigating culture differences in relationships

[45:51] Transitions & friendships being tougher in your 30s

[56:13] How the quality of our relationships impacts our ikigai



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  • 8. Reflections from Season 3 + What's Next

    It's hard to believe we've come to the end of Season 3. Peter & Marc reflect back on aha moments from this season and what they've learned about transitions. They also share how their understanding of ikigai continues to evolve, and chat a bit about what's next for them - a wedding for Peter and re-entering the workforce for Marc.Thanks for listening and supporting us throughout this season. We're taking a break and hope to be back again soon. Please send us a message on Instagram (@theikigaiproject) or our LinkedIn page with your feedback, or what you'd like to hear on the podcast in the future. Until next time, take good care everyone.***Time Stamps:[1:10] Reflections on 2nd half of the season[4:40] Peter's new understanding of identity[7:56] Learnings about transitions[16:06] Clarifying a direction or "north star" for career[22:40] Revisiting the importance of friendships[25:45] Couple's therapy & building resilience in a relationship[31:15] Evolving understanding of ikigai[38:30] Marc's shares what's next for himCheck out Speed & Scale to learn more about taking action against climate change.***Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 7. Restoring Human Movement + Well-Being

    As we head into the summer, it was timely to chat with our guest Pax Frias. Pax is a Fitness Coach & Partner at the movement studio, Restore Human. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast and encourages spending time outside in the sun. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, exploring transitions in well-being, movement, & performance. Topics include: parenting, body awareness, rest & nutrition, goal setting, fitness trackers, reducing jet lag, and much more! Whether you are highly active or struggling to find balance in a busy schedule, there's a takeaway here for everyone.Follow Pax on Instagram at @humanpax and learn about Restore Human on their website (in person & virtual sessions available)Click here to learn more about the Restore Human Race on Aug. 20 in Vancouver***Time Stamps:[1:43] - Pax's view that transitions are created by taking action[5:00] - Pax's origin story: growing up in Chile & homeschooling[13:10] - Nature as the best teacher for children[19:25] - How Pax became a Fitness Coach & developing body awareness[25:40] - What well-being means to Pax[32:50] - Goal setting & patterns with Pax's clients[38:40] - Fitness trackers, health apps, & habit forming[43:33] - Benefits of regular sun exposure[47:55] - Tips on reducing jet lag while travelling[51:25] - How deliberate cold exposure creates body adaptation[55:00] - Restore Human method: changing the idea of a typical "gym"[58:50] - Importance of training for real life situations[1:05:15] - What's inspiring Pax right now & his ikigai***Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 6. Aging with Curiosity, Compassion & Playfulness

    Today we welcome our guest David Wilson. We are curious to explore a transition that's universal to all of us - the transition of aging. What does it mean to grow old? What beliefs exist about aging that we might want to challenge? David is a movement coach, speaker, and anti-ageism advocate. We discuss aging as a developmental process, ageism and societal stereotypes, our capacity to move at any age or level of experience, and finding joy and curiosity through it all.Follow David on Instagram at @oldscoolmoves and learn about his movement offerings on his website***Time Stamps:[2:08] - What does the word "transition" mean to David?[6:00] - Identity activity with Peter & David[13:48] - What does getting old mean to David?[20:45] - David's personal experience with ageism[28:05] - David's approach to practicing & learning[29:14] - David's 3 rules: curiosity, compassion for yourself, & playfulness[38:25] - How to avoid the comparison trap[48:24] - Advice to start on your own movement practice[54:46] - What ikigai means for David***Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 5. Becoming a Modern Elder

    For this conversation, David Marlow joins us as our guest. We wanted to chat with someone who has experienced several significant career & personal transitions over their lifetime. David is in many ways a modern elder. We uncover more about what that means, how he is mentoring others, and apply those lessons in our own lives. During his 30 year career, David served in senior leadership roles and currently runs his own consulting business. Not only that, David embodies the spirit of ikigai by sharing content daily on his substack called the Ikiquest.Reach out to David on LinkedIn and read his writing on***Time Stamps:[4:00] The biggest transition year of David's life[7:37] A vivid dream & surgery: key moments of self-discovery[12:55] How to self-reflect when life is too busy[15:40] On the transition of being a grandparent[25:19] Being a modern elder & genuine listening[30:56] Tips on being present[37:27] Learning to say 'no' when making career decisions[46:45] Shadow work - understanding shadows within our strengths[52:48] Details of Ikiquest and writing daily***Other Resources:Books on shadow work:Shadow Dance: Liberating the Power & Creativity of Your Dark Side Paperback – by David RichInner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth – by Robert A. JohnsonCredits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 4. Identity Shifts + Sabbatical Learnings

    We’re about halfway through season 3. For this conversation, Marc & Peter share more about themselves and go deeper on topics related to this season’s theme on transitions. Peter opens up on his upbringing in Japan and his identity shift coming to Canada. Marc shares recent lessons learned during his sabbatical. They also discuss what makes a place feel like home, intentionality with their time, and finding closure on meaningful transitions.***Time Stamps:[1:50] Reflections on recording this season's podcast[7:30] Growing up in Japan & challenges moving to Canada[16:47] Japanese influence & origin of the Ikigai Project[20:25] What makes somewhere feel like home?[25:41] Sabbatical learnings & travels in Patagonia[44:40] Time as a valuable currency[53:16] Importance of closure when transitioning***Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 2. Managing Big Transitions + Finding Balance

    In this episode we explore the mental journey of going through significant transitions and strategies to successfully navigate change. Whether the transition is anticipated (e.g. - quitting your job), or unanticipated (e.g. - being laid off). Our guest Andrea Fruhling shares insights from over 20 years of experience in coaching, career development and team leadership. She uses creativity to view transitions from a new perspective. We even walk through an activity called the Balance Wheel and invite listeners to give it a try!Reach out to Andrea via email ( or find her on LinkedIn.***Time Stamps:[4:23] Andrea's backstory & what brought her to coaching[6:50] We're always in transition & the main types of transitions[13:05] How to manage unanticipated changes like being laid off[20:32] Creativity as a tool to create stickiness & shift thinking[28:44] Life Balance Wheel interactive activity[47:16] Getting comfortable with uncertainty & trusting yourself[50:25] Best practices for going through major transitions[55:13] The importance of hope & the Hope Action Theory[1:01:29] Ikigai being connected to a love of learning***Other Resources:Andrea's website: DoubleKnot WorksLink to the Life Balance WheelThe Physics of Living book. Use promo code IKIGAI for a 20% discount.Hope Action Theory (& assessment)Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 1. We're Back + This Season's Theme: Transitions

    The Ikigai Project is back... finally! In this episode, Peter and Marc explore their own personal transitions through a variety of lenses, including career decisions, travel overseas, new relationships, getting married, and much more. It's a new format this season as the Ikigai Project will now be co-hosted. We hope you enjoy this episode.***Time Stamps:[3:30] What does the word, 'transition' mean to us?[8:09] Deciding to do a sabbatical after 7 years at one company[17:30] Learnings from being an entrepreneur[26.07] International travel strengthening a romantic relationship[38:12] Adopting a rescue dog and its impact on home life[48:53] Getting married in our mid-30s & tropical wedding reflections[1:00:50] Looking ahead at upcoming episodes***Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.
  • 10. Sameet Kumar

    Today's conversation is with Dr. Sameet Kumar. Sameet is a clinical psychologist, author of three books, and internationally requested speaker. We talk extensively about the role of grief in our lives, and his experience working with people who are grieving. We talk about mindfulness meditation as medicine to ease the suffering and how we can hold sadness just a little bit better. Finally, we talk about practical ways we can introduce mindfulness into our lives and how we can better be with others who may be grieving.I highly recommend Sameet's book, Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate and Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss.Feel free to connect with Sameet below:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTheme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Leah Lagerqvist ( for more information about The Ikigai Project.