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Thursday, April 27, 2023

Managing Big Transitions + Finding Balance

Season 3, Ep. 2
In this episode we explore the mental journey of going through significant transitions and strategies to successfully navigate change. Whether the transition is anticipated (e.g. - quitting your job), or unanticipated (e.g. - being laid off). Our guest Andrea Fruhling shares insights from over 20 years of experience in coaching, career development and team leadership. She uses creativity to view transitions from a new perspective. We even walk through an activity called the Balance Wheel and invite listeners to give it a try!Reach out to Andrea via email ( or find her on LinkedIn.***Time Stamps:[4:23] Andrea's backstory & what brought her to coaching[6:50] We're always in transition & the main types of transitions[13:05] How to manage unanticipated changes like being laid off[20:32] Creativity as a tool to create stickiness & shift thinking[28:44] Life Balance Wheel interactive activity[47:16] Getting comfortable with uncertainty & trusting yourself[50:25] Best practices for going through major transitions[55:13] The importance of hope & the Hope Action Theory[1:01:29] Ikigai being connected to a love of learning***Other Resources:Andrea's website: DoubleKnot WorksLink to the Life Balance WheelThe Physics of Living book. Use promo code IKIGAI for a 20% discount.Hope Action Theory (& assessment)Credits:Theme music by Hue.Logo design by Andrew Speer.Post-production by Rosario Suarez.Visit for more information about The Ikigai Project.