The Farm Podcast Mach II


Time Travel, Prophets, and Cosmic Collusions w/ Vincent Treewell & Recluse

Season 2

Cosmic Collusion, Future history, advantages of fiction vs nonfiction for philosophical points, Chicago style citations, Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, Ernest Hemingway, writing style, time travel, possible evidence of such, Mandela effect, time travel through consciousness, occult traditions, Kenneth Grant, Cybernetic Culture Research Unit, CCRU, time magick, how would the world react to a modern day prophet?, similarities between Christian fundamentalism and secular materialism, industrial revolution, Westphalia peace, extraterrestrials, nuts-n-bolts vs etheric, consciousness/soul & space travel, theurgy, angel magick, cargo cults, ancient astronaut theology, world government, networking, possible shapes future societies could take

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Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

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