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118- Polls From Political Races from 5 States That Listen to this Podcast and Interview with Social Security Expert Spencer Bishins

Season 4, Ep. 13

Please be aware of some uneven sound from the first two segments. For primary politics, I cover political races in Virginia, Washington State, Texas, New York and Ohio. On the Mid-Tech segment, I cover PayPal's folly with $2,500 fine for users spreading misinformation and Bayonetta 3 boycott controversy. For Weird Topic Finale, I interviewed Social Security Expert Spencer Bishins who will share insights on how to submit a better application and raise your chances on receiving those benefits.

Primary Politics

Timestamp: 7:41

A. Virginia- House of Representatives Race for all 11 districts

B. Washington State- Senate Race Polls

C. Texas- Governor Race Polls

D. New York Governor Race Polls

E. New York- Senate Race Polls

F. Ohio- Senate Race Polls


Timestamp: 18:38

A. PayPal wanted to fine users $2500 for "spreading misinformation"

B. PayPal walks back on that fine

C. Rust Settles Civil Case but the criminal investigation continues

D. Former Bayonetta Voice Actress calls for Boycott for Bayonetta 3

Weird Topic Finale (WTF)

Intro Timestamp: 28:06

Interview Timestamp: 31:14

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