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The Future of Media, Explained - from Press Gazette

How to avoid the CMS snake-oil salesmen | in partnership with Big Bite

Our latest podcast takes an a look out how to make costly mistakes when investing in a new content management system.

Experts from Hello, CNN, New Statesman Media Group and our sponsor Big Bite share their insights into how to future-proof the content architecture on your website.

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  • Camilla Tominey and Kamal Ahmed on cracking a busy news podcast market

    The Telegraph’s new daily news podcast, The Daily T, is the latest entrant to an increasingly crowded audio market.Days after the show bagged the first election trail extended nterview with Rishi Sunak, Press Gazette spoke with Daily T hosts Camilla Tominey and Kamal Ahmed about how they’re hoping to stand out from the competition with a right-of-centre viewpoint they feel is missing and by leaning heavily on the Telegraph newsroom.
  • Daily Mail CEO Rich Caccappolo on keeping journalism free

    This episode includes excerpts from an interview between Press Gazette editor-in-chief Dominic Ponsford and Rich Caccappolo, CEO of Daily Mail publisher DMG Media. It also features media consultant Matthew Scott Goldstein. They talk about how to save journalism (and democracy) on the open web by adapting to Google's plan to switch off cookies on Chrome.He also provides an update on DMG Media's legal action against the search giant and reveals how his company is growing overall revenue in a tough market.
  • The Atlantic's winning subscription strategy with CEO Nicholas Thompson

    The Atlantic has become profitable after years in the red and marked the major milestone of reaching one million subscribers, it announced in April.CEO Nicholas Thompson joined Press Gazette to discuss the subscription strategy behind The Atlantic's recent success, how advertising fits in, the search for an elusive third revenue stream, and what goals he might set for the business next.
  • ADHD, autism and the news business: How different minds can thrive in media

    Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford talks about exclusive new research on the prevalence of neurodiversity in news media. He also speaks to Times Radio journalist Darryl Morris and freelance journalist Lydia Wilkins about the benefits and challenges ADHD and autistic thinkers can bring to jobs in journalism.
  • How to make news pay on Youtube with TLDR

    Founder of video news network TLDR Jack Kelly explains how he funds an 11-strong editorial team providing a serious news for younger viewers on Youtube.The profitable publisher is funded mainly through the Youtube ad revenue split but also makes money from direct-sold sponsorship and a foray into print publishing.
  • How The Economist is attracting younger readers with cut-price daily app

    Press Gazette editor-in-chief Dominic Ponsford discusses the latest UK magazine industry circulation figures with reporter Bron Maher.They pick out the winners and losers from the latest crop of results and also hear from Economist executive vice president Nada Arnot about how the title's cut-price daily edition Expresso achieved lift-off in 2023. She also explained why she is bullish about The Economist's headline (print and digital) circulation figures returning to growth in this election year.
  • Online advertising - how publishers can survive a tsunami of change

    Online advertising used to support investigative journalism at digital-native brands such as Buzzfeed News and Vice. In the space of just a few years everything has changed, and thousands of journalists have lost their jobs as a result.Press Gazette editor-in-chief Dominic Ponsford talks to former Business Insider editor-in-chief Jim Edwards about what is going on and how publishers should adapt to an online publishing ecosystem which is being rocked by a tsunami of disruptive change.
  • Beyond Google? Amazon and Microsoft are future says Ricky Sutton

    Former online editor of the News of the World turned tech entrepreneur turned future of news Cassandra Ricky Sutton joins Dominic Ponsford on the podcast sofa.The last year has been bleak for ad-funded news media but Ricky believes he has the solution. He explains why Google's reign as the most important tech partner for news publishers is drawing to a close, but more lucrative partnerships around AI and advertising with Microsoft and Amazon beckon.
  • Why Reach is upbeat about online ads despite the big cookie switch-off

    Reach group director of digital Terry Hornsby is at the forefront of the journey away from third-party cookies at the UK’s largest commercial news publisher.Hornsby told Press Gazette's Charlotte Tobitt the three pillars that will help Reach grow digital revenues through this monumental shift to the open web, discussed why trusted premium publishers will come out on top and issued a call for more industry collaboration.