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With Julie Howlett The Modern Pilgrims

Ep. 21

An interview with my favorite Pagans Julie & Brad. Julie and husband Brad are undertaking a journey across England following the Beltane Ley-Line. They planned for this journey to be a five month journey starting on the ancient pagan festival of Beltane (1st May). This journey was undertaken on bicycle only, all to raise awareness around mental health and funds for the charity Mind.


Julie discusses briefly her breakup to her first husband and how that led to her eventual relationship to Brad. We talk about Julie's beliefs and how she incorporated some of Brad's pagan beliefs into their relationship. We talked about the idea and founding of The Modern Pilgrims. We had a good discussion over our outlook on life, the current disconnect between communities and people, the concept of barter over the exchange of money, and how slowing down in life shows you all things previously hidden.


At the time of this interview Julie and Brad have had suspended their journey due to the transition of Brad's mum, but it has allowed me to get an interview with them and talk about the journey and the pagan beliefs they incorporate into their modern life.


You can connect with Julie (and sometimes Brad) on their website and other social media listed below:




@themodernpilgrims - Wisdom Audio



** Update a few days after this recording on July 21st 2022, Julie and Brad resumed their journey. This is confirmed by Julie in the video**


*** Some parts of the interview were removed due to the freezing and loss of picture /sound***

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