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With Jodielynn Craven - Attracting money through Consciousness

Ep. 13

Jodielynn helps entrepreneurs Attract Money ususing techniques she has developed such as the Fluid Money BluePrint ™ and Abundance Consciousness ™. I talked with Jodielynn about her background in the financial industry, learning about finance from scratch and eventually building a successful brokerage and helping 100's of clients. From this she studied countless books on Law Of Attraction, money mindset, positivity and affirmations.


In this interview Jodielynn explains how money is just a form of energy, and how she wrote her book Keys to Abundance via channeled discarnate teachers. We discussed the history of money, the illusion of scarcity in the world why spirituality and having an abundant life are not opposites, her free live webinars and the ascension videos she publishes in collaboration with friend Heather Marie.


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